Monday, February 11, 2013

Report From Acting RIOC President Don Lewis - Roosevelt Island Tram Ridership Statistics At Record High Numbers, Outdoor Movie Selections & More

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Acting President Don Lewis sends the following report to Roosevelt Island residents.
I encourage you to review the January edition of RIOC’s newsletter Island News, available at The newsletter includes a profile of RIOC’s Transportation General Manager Cy Opperman, a look at the eventful first few months of Four Freedoms Park, as well as updates on RIOC’s latest construction and maintenance projects.

Tram Thrives with Record Ridership Numbers in 2012

Last year marked the second full year since our Tramway Modernization project was completed. For the second consecutive year, a record number of people rode the state-of-the-art Tram.  The total ridership for 2012 was 2,358,818, nearly a quarter of a million more riders than in 2011 and an average of more than 6,400 riders per day.

The Tram is not only an iconic symbol on the New York City skyline, it is an inspiration for leaders from around the world looking to bring similar innovative technology to their communities. Just this past week we proudly hosted a visitor from the Haitian Embassy who was interested in exploring the Tram.

As you likely know, earlier this week a Tram worker from Leitner-Poma of America injured his leg while performing routine inspection and maintenance. We are happy to report that we understand the injuries sustained were relatively minor.  We would like to thank all of those involved for handling the situation in commendable fashion.  We note that the inspection work was part of the diligent efforts of Leitner-POMA and RIOC to ensure that the Tram is always running safely and smoothly. Regular inspections and maintenance work are conducted on every inch of the system, including the wires, cars and the connections at the towers.

Planning Commission Hearing on Cornell Campus

The New York City Planning Commission and the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development held a public hearing this past Wednesday addressing the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the future Cornell NYC Tech campus. RIOC representatives attended the meeting to remain cognizant of the community’s perspectives on the various aspects of the project.  Unfortunately, we cannot report on the hearing here due to the deadline for this column.

Submit Your Suggestions for Summer Outdoor Movie Series

RIOC’s Summer Outdoor Movie Series is one of the most anticipated traditions on Roosevelt Island. This summer will mark the Series’ fifth year and we’re giving Roosevelt Island residents the opportunity to submit suggestions for movies. I encourage you to send an email to with your favorite movie from each of the following genre categories: action/adventure, comedy, family/kids, fantasy, science-fiction, and drama. Alternatively, you can post your selections to the RIOC Facebook page at The deadline for submissions is Friday, March 1. Thank you to everyone who has already shared your favorite flicks!


Katrina Mahlon said...

I wonder if the increase in tram numbers has anything to do with the lack of subway service on weekends and nights. It would be interesting to see that correlation in order to make a better assesment of the real numbers.