Friday, November 7, 2014

Cornell Tech Roosevelt Island Community Update - December 8 Town Hall Meeting, New President Elizabeth Garrett Visits, Barging, Saving Trees, Goldwater Murals Restoration & More

New Cornell President Elizabeth Garrett With Cornell Tech's Dan Huttenlocher and Andrew Winters Visits Roosevelt Island Oct 13

With the departure of former Cornell Tech Vice President Cathy Dove to a new position as President of the Paul Smith's College, the Roosevelt Island Community Report Ms. Dove wrote will now be an update provided by Cornell Tech.
Updates from Cornell Tech

As many of you already know, Cornell Tech opened a community space at Gallery RIVAA at 527 Main Street in September. Jane Swanson, Assistant Director of Government and Community Relations at Cornell Tech, is on site every Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1-4 p.m. Cornell Tech plans to bring its vision and its interplay of technology and creativity to the wider community through the space, and to host programming from the larger Cornell University community. Cornell Tech encourages everyone to stop by Gallery RIVAA to learn about the campus and see the amazing works of art on view at the gallery.

Other recent and upcoming Cornell Tech news:

Community: Cornell Tech volunteers participated in last month’s “Fall for Arts” Festival and Halloween parade.

Updates from the Cornell Tech Community and Construction Task force meeting:
  • Cornell Tech has avoided 3,350 truck trips through our use of barging, and that number is growing every week.
  • Cornell Tech continued the community conversation about tree conservation, which Cornell Tech is committed to. Cornell Tech and its engineer presented some modified designs and walked the task force through each configuration as they relate to pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic. Cornell Tech will continue to keep the task force updated as we work together to strike a balance between tree conservation, safety and the need to provide robust infrastructure to support the site.
  • Cornell Tech showed images of the historic murals uncovered at Goldwater hospital that are currently being restored at two conservation studios. The murals will eventually be displayed on Cornell Tech’s campus.
  • Cornell Tech continues to work with PS/IS 217, including after school programs on computational literacy.
Town Hall: Join Cornell Tech for a town hall meeting on December 8, 6 p.m. at Manhattan Park Community Center, 8 River Road.

Updates from Cornell Tech’s temporary campus at Google:
  • More than 100 students are enrolled in three masters and PhD programs.
  • Four new faculty members have joined the campus.
  • The incoming new President of Cornell University, Elizabeth Garrett, has already visited Cornell Tech and Roosevelt Island. Ms. Garrett assumes the presidency on July 1, 2015. Cornell’s current President, David Skorton, will become the new Secretary of the Smithsonian Institute.
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CheshireKitty said...

Really? Is that what they teach you at law school - to make up phony cases with which to "lynch" political opponents? He was part and parcel of the "lynch mob" of last year, Yet. He was FULLY involved. When the "mob" was defeated he decided it was time to quit - leave while the going was good. Really, he should be ashamed of himself - but as you can see, he is still in with the "mob," still happy to chime in against us, long after he and the "mob" were defeated.

So much for Mark's "feasible arguments" - rejected as lies by the CC, just as the CC rejected him as one of the "lynch mob" of liars.

KTG said...

Its a husky,not a wolf. Its actually the UCONN Husky or Jonathan, official mascot of the defending Men's & Women's NCAA Basketball Champions.

So again another off the mark rant.

CheshireKitty said...

Now let's see, we can count about 10 that had to quit because of their lies vs. none of us that quit (5 quitting on 2/5/14 alone - several others before then). We can count Guerra's departure as being at least partly due to our unrelenting vociferousness of our attacks on the brutality of his l/e methods. Thus, I would say the entrenched establishment fears what we say - because we have proven we are effective. As the saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword.

We have got the Royals pegged, Yet: When I pointed out in March 2014 that there is a set of RI Royals that I called the "the golden group" that get all sorts of privileges and money from their association with RIOC officials or board members, about a month later, Helstien and Katz actually asked for, and were told they would get, 10K from RIOC of unrestricted funds with which RIRA could do whatever they want. Was that thank-you money for a job well done - of keeping the community benumbed and hypnotized with positive PR since both of them are WIRE employees? What other political lobbying group receives unrestricted State grants? Answer: None. No political lobbying group, such as the NRA or any of the political PACs, receive government money. Yet those in the golden group seem to expect money or some sort of benefits to flow to them personally from RIOC. Thank goodness Ms. Indelicato did not fall for the nonsense of Helstien and Katz and RIOC yanked the offer on 5/15 - before the RIOC Board - dominated by friends of Helstien and Katz - had a chance to vote on it.

As if my analysis of the politics on RI needed "proof," which it didn't, since it was so self-evident, the 10K fiasco was it.

It was after our protests with regard the improper offer of funding, protests that went to Albany, that RIOC rescinded the offer: Yet another example of our words making a difference, our words being effective.

Our words were heard and our advice that the money not be awarded was followed by government officials from to Albany to RI, because our words made sense, whereas Helstien's and Katz' did not, and were in fact lies.

Effectiveness such as that described above is not quite something you would expect of one cat; right, Yet?

CheshireKitty said...

LOL. Still resorting to name calling, eh? Pretty pathetic, KTG.

Gee, your avatar sure seems rather wolf-like and looks rather white to me - which would match exactly your politics - the politics of the white wolf at the apex of a predatory pyramid of capitalism, right KTG?

Your avatar even "match up" with the name of an ultra right-wing racist terrorist organization in England. Maybe it's no coincidence that you selected an avatar that really does look awfully like a white wolf dripping blood from its mouth.

KTG said...

It would prove that you can admit when you are wrong, but since we new that kind of pointless.

KTG said...

What name calling? You ranted and you were incorrect ?

CheshireKitty said...

Seriously, I wasn't the one who said KTG = Keith Guerra; it was Frank. We then took it for granted that KTG was Keith, trying to defend himself using the anonymous handle. It's hard to know if you are who you say you are since you are using an anonymous handle. You may be a software co executive but you are still posting at a sophomoric level, which does bring to mind Guerra's "frat boy" mind-set.

CheshireKitty said...

ROTFL. You can't argue with me so you are resorting to name-calling over and over again. If it weren't so laughable it would be pathetic!

Who else but KTG - the big right wing capitalist - would select as an avatar the image of a white awfully wolf-like canine - and let's not forget The White Wolves is the name of a ultra-right wing terrorist organization in England, which is racist.

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Only someone who wants to project an image of a white wolf-like canine, dripping blood, might select that as their avatar - perhaps consciously in an attempt to suggest sympathy for the White Wolves - God forbid.

Contrast your avatar with mine, KTG. Instead of avarice, my avatar suggests contemplation and thoughtfulness. Why don't you try to get off your high horse of "dog-eat-dog" capitalism, your worship of free enterprise and free enterprise alone, which if we followed your thinking, would result in millions of elderly and disabled being kicked to the curb by the Wolves, right?

Life is not just greed, self-interest, and avarice. Society is social - it does not consist of "lone wolves" or "white wolves" each one fending for themselves to get as much as they can. Anyway, even wolves hunt cooperatively - meaning they recognize the need for wolves to help the group - sharing, communal behavior.

Really, an especially steep tax bracket should be instituted for the wolf-like people like yourself - those who act in a wolf-like manner, who may wish to kick the less advantaged, the elderly and the disabled, to the curb.

YetAnotherRIer said...

I hope you are just a troll who likes acting like that on the Internet while the real person sits downstairs in mommy's basement. If not, I am with everybody else here: seek professional help.

KTG said...

Again this mascot for my university, so not sure where comments from. As for the reason for update college basketball is starting up.

As far as name calling again what is the name I supposedly used?

CheshireKitty said...

Me? A troll? No way! Hey - it was me that that asked if they were going to pass around the hoods last Feb when RIRA Pres suggested the meeting go into Executive Session! That underlined what the nature of the conclave was going to be - a "lynch mob" with you-know-who the victim. No doubt my comments woke up some attendees who then promptly voted down the motion to go into executive session.

I'm not saying anything that isn't true: Because our friend dared to suggest Katz was wrong in pushing for town status for RI and asked that agenda item to be removed, Katz and his buddies censured him in 2011 - with the lead taken by the current RIRA Pres. It's all on tape - current RIRA Pres reading a long nonsensical statement critical of Frank, and others of the "mob" joining in with their own written statements - meanwhile no-one addressed the reason why Frank asked why the agenda item had been put on the agenda by the banker/CC member - because all aspects of RI self-governance are "sacrosanct" as they are Katz' pet project. No-one admitted that Frank was actually right, and the banker wrong: RI can never have the same level of services if it was on its own. Instead all sorts of garbage about not mentioning that someone's a banker, or a baker, or a candle-stick maker - whereas the issue actually was that RI could never be on its own as an "independent duchy" or whatever Katz has long imagined.

The reader should know that these are the sorts of people -Katz and his buddies - "leading" RI today: People who push for "town" status, or if not that, to have members of their "mob" on the RIOC Board. They will then say - it's all for your own good - all we do is for the best, for everyone. Yet, that's no entirely true, not all the time. And then, if anyone dares call them out, or oppose them, they're "punished" via one phony process or another: Un-Constitutional censure, which was filled with phoniness and false allegations, the expulsion process - also entirely phony, and finally the phony election, manipulated so as to ensure the political opposition was silenced.