Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time Out NYC Top Picnic Spots Include Roosevelt Island's Southpoint Park!

Image of Southpoint Park Picnic from Time Out New York

Roosevelt Island residents know what a great waterfront spot Southpoint Park is to relax on a hot summer day or evening but now the rest of NYC may be learning that as well. According to Time Out NY, Southpoint Park is one of the Best Places for group outings and picnics:
You won’t have to jockey for blanket space on the expansive land that curves around the southern tip of Roosevelt Island. Bring a crew (and a Frisbee) and take in the stunning vistas: Behind you, the Renwick Ruins—the remnants of a 19th-century hospital—and to the west, a view of the midtown skyline.
Time Out recommends stopping off at Nonnos for pizza and subs (don't they mean a hero?).
There’s also an on-island option: Subs can be procured at Nonno’s Focacceria (455 Main St, 212-753-2300), or order a pizza—they will deliver it to the park.

Image of what I think is Nonnos Gramma's pizza (my favorite) is from Time Out New York

For all you first time visitors to Southpoint Park, be aware that these stunning and beautiful panoramic views of the NYC waterfront skyline are in danger of being ruined forever if what some refer to as the Louis Kahn Death Box (others refer to it incorrectly as the FDR memorial) is ever built.


Anonymous said...

The FDR memorial is not going to make Southpoint Park less desirable for picnics and other outing. I think it will attract even more folks to come out here and have a good time. I BET our local businesses would love that.

Anonymous said...

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