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Friday, April 27, 2012

Roosevelt Island Subway Pier Waterfront Promenade Food Concession Q & A - 30 Seats, No Alcohol, Boardwalk and Pathway Area Open To Public, Maybe

You Tube Video of Walk Around The Subway Pier

Reported last week that the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) issued a Request For Proposals to operate a West Promenade Subway Pier Food Concession pilot project for this summer
... Imagine being able to sit, relax and eat some good food right next to the East River with these stunning NYC Skyline, Waterfront and Queensboro Bridge views in the evening...
Here are questions submitted by potential bidders and answers provided by RIOC.
Questions and Answers

1. What is the duration of the project?

This is a pilot beginning May 15, 2012 through October 15, 2012. The term of the project will be for one year.

2. Will alcoholic beverages be allowed on site?

No alcoholic beverages are permitted or allowed to be sold on the site.

3. What are the hours of operation?

The hours of operation are from 11 am through 9 pm as stated in the RFP; proposers should clearly designate their intended hours of operation within these hours in their proposal.

4. Will advertising be allowed?

The display of third-party advertisements on signage or menus will not be allowed. Signage to promote the saleable items will be allowed.

5. What format should the bid be presented in?

All proposals should be typed and presented on your company letterhead.

6. What is the allowed seating capacity?

The seating capacity on the intended site of operations (Area 1) as laid out in the site plan included in the RFP is for up to 30 patrons.

7. What is the maximum boundary that the vendor will be held responsible for cleaning and maintaining?

The vendor will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining Area’s 1 and 2 as laid out in the site plan included in the RFP, as well as removal of any refuse generated by customers in the area immediately adjacent to these areas.

8. Is the space delivered as is or will RIOC clean the area?

The space will be power-washed prior to the selected vendor beginning services. Graffiti removal will not be included.

9. Is Area 2 as laid out in the site plan included in the space to be leased to the vendor?

Only Area 1 will be leased to the vendor for the term of the project.

10. Is water or electrical supply available?

There is no water supply in the area; the successful proposer will have to provide their own. As indicated in the RFP, limited electrical supply is available at a rate of $500 per month to be added to the fees owed to RIOC for operating the venture.

11. Can we submit alternate proposals?

Alternative operational plans or elements will be considered. Please clearly identify any such alternatives within the proposal.

12. Can bathrooms be located away from the area?

If a location adjacent to Area 1 or 2 for the ADA compliant portable bathrooms is included in the proposal it will be considered, if an alternate location is it must be approved by RIOC.

13. Will smoking be allowed in the area?

There is no smoking allowed in the area licensed to the vendor.

14. Why is menu pricing subject to RIOC approval?

RIOC will require menu pricing to be maintained at the quoted price during the term of the project. Therefore, the proposed pricing must be recorded. Any proposed changes during the term of the license will be subject to RIOC approval.

15. Will RIOC reimburse expenses for costs incurred in preparation of proposals?

As with all other RFP’s, RIOC will not reimburse any expenses incurred in connection with this project for preparation of proposals.

Additional Questions and Answers 4/25/2012

1. Question and Answer 2 states that no alcohol will be permitted or sold on the site. Question and Answer 6 states that seating is limited to 30 patrons. However, question and answer 11 states that alternative operational plans or elements will be considered.

The specifications per the RFP are clearly stated that there will be no alcohol and the seating is up to 30 seats. However, the prospective bidder may, in addition to submitting a bid per the specifications in the RFP, submit an alternative operational with changed elements as part of their proposal. This does not mean that the alternative will be approved. The seating is limited to area 1. Area 2 is open to the public.

2. Area 1 is the vending area. Area 2 is an area that you can not vend in but are responsible for cleaning? Is this correct?

This is correct. You are responsible for cleaning Area 1 and 2, as well as any refuse generated by customers in the area immediately adjacent to these areas.

3. Area 1 is the designated area licensed to the vendor and there is no smoking. Is smoking allowed in area 2?

Smoking will be allowed in Area 2, and any area outside the area licensed to the vendor.

4. Does RIOC consider the total square footage for this project solely the 2272.92 sq. ft in Area 1 or is it the square footage for Area 1 + Area 2 (4143.25 sq. ft)?

The total square footage to be licensed to the vendor (“the project area”) is the 2272.92 square feet identified as Area 1.

5. Can you please define the differences between "term of the project" vs "duration of the project" as mentioned in question #1

There is no difference between the “term of the project” and “duration of the project”. The term/duration of the project will be May 15th through October 15th as specified in the RFP.

Below is a location map for the Subway Pier Area from Appendix A of the RFP


Denise Shull said...

RIOC wants control of the pricing of the food... did I get that right?

The end result of this may be no bids ... as this is the same problem with the previous Main St situation. It is too much to deal with for too little surety of profit. I hope I am misunderstanding but to attract services the entrepreneurs need to be able to see how they will make enough money for it to make sense. Surely there is room for a lot more food to be bought on-island (potential for profit) but the business development process has to be worth the time.

If this is really meant to allow food-trucks such as all the interesting new carts on the big island, then I have my fingers crossed!

Westviewer said...

I suspect that the only likely bidder will be Riverwalk Grill, for more of the same. 

Ratso123 said...

The vendor has to set-up, clean-up, etc.  If you can't have a beer, why not just bring your own and sit by the river?  People have been doing it for years.  I don't see how there will be a profit.  How much is the rent?

YetAnotherRIer said...

I have the exact same feeling. Riverwalk already runs the concession stand at the Manhattan Park Pool. They are slowly taking over anything food-related on this island. But since nobody else would really stand up considering RIOC's insistance on mingling with things that should really stay free market I don't think there won't be much of an alternative.

Trevre Andrews said...

Agreed, this is a pretty pitiful attempt of RIOC trying to demonstrate they are utilizing space on the island.  Who did they think was going to bid on this?  No beer/wine?  RIOC have you no heart?

CheshireKitty said...

This is a difficult riddle for a food business to crack since there is no water supply.  I suppose a cafe with everything ready-made in advance and all supplies disposable might work.  Also, there are no rest-room facilities in the area.  I don't understand why this spot could work at all.  The one thing it reminds me of is a concession at a national park or historic site - but these concessions always have rest-rooms, but these businesses usually offer more than just paper cups or cans of soda and pre-packaged food items.  As Trevre points out, people have always brought food to the promenades to eat - what will make this cafe different?  Especially for off-islanders, I don't see how this business could possibly work without a water supply and without rest-rooms.  Maybe RIOC should install rest-rooms off the lower level, the level of the dock - i.e. they could be tucked under the park/open area.  In fact, this might be an excellent idea whether or not there is a food concession, because there is really a dearth of available public rest-rooms on the island, especially for visitors/sight-seers arriving by train.  I don't understand how someone would want to arrive by train, have something to eat/drink at the concession by the pier, then if they want wash their hands, have to search around for a bathroom.  No - this entire idea is not going to work out without rest-rooms - and porta-potties are too creepy IMO - sometimes malodorous etc. 

Anonymous said...

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