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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Roosevelt Island Yoga Community Celebrates June 21 Summer Solstice - Raises Money For Local Children

Image From Keren Messer

Lauren Blankstein reports on last Friday's

Image From Keren Messer

 Roosevelt Island Summer Solstice Yoga Event.

Image From Keren Messer

From Ms. Blankstein:
Roosevelt Island’s yoga community came together to celebrate the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, on June 21st. Approximately 30 yogis and a handful of kids gathered at P.S. 217’s playground for a 108-minute class.

Image From Keren Messer

Under a beautiful sky, with various styles of music accompanying detailed instruction, the class included pranayama (breathing exercises), a dynamic hatha flow, walking meditation, and Merengue-inspired asana.

Image From Keren Messer

The evening class raised $300, which organizers will donate to Island Kids, the Youth Center/Beacon and the Roosevelt Island Day Nursery.

Yoga instructors and Island residents Lauren Blankstein, Jax Schott and Keren Messer organized and led the event with support from Beacon and the Youth Center. Each of these instructors teaches yoga at different locations on the Island and this was their inaugural collaborative event.

Image From Keren Messer

Their long-term intention is to foster a stronger sense of community among Island yogis and to expose more Islanders to the benefits of yoga through these events. For more information about yoga events on Roosevelt Island contact,,
Meditation Steps would be a great place to hold future Roosevelt Island Yoga Events.


100%Manaba 100%Cule said...

This was a great event! I hope they do many more throughout the summer, and yes, the meditation steps would be a great place for them.

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