Tuesday, February 10, 2015

RIRA Island Services Committee Active Roosevelt Island Issues - New Elevator For Tram Station, Sportspark Facilities, Tram Gate Access, Boy Scouts, Management Of Garden Club, New Public Library, Rat and Pigeon Control & Dog Urination

Below is the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Island Services Committee (ISC) report to the February 2015 Common Council Meeting submitted by Chair Aaron Hamburger

The ISC met on 1/13/15 with 8 members present from the total membership of 12.

Active Issues – The ISC reviewed all active issues from the last term and decided to continue the 7 issues in the new term. ISC members were assigned “Lead Person” responsibilities for each issue.

The issues are:
  • New Elevator at Manhattan Tram Station
  • Condition of Sportspark Facilities
  • Easy Access to Tram for Strollers, Bicycles and the Disabled at the Roosevelt Island (RI) Station 
  • Re‐establish Boy Scouts on Roosevelt Island (RI)
  • Management of Roosevelt Island Garden Club
  • New Public Library
  • Control of Rats and Pigeons on RI
New Issue – Dogs are urinating on the outside walls of Roosevelt Landings under the Main St. canopy. The situation is particularly acute at the north end of the canopy. Walls are being damaged and there are unsightly messes in this area. We discussed a number of ways to attack this problem including getting Public Safety to issue summons, getting RL management to routinely hose down the sidewalk under the canopy, posting signs in the affected areas and experimenting with an anti‐urination spray for dogs.

The ISC expects to next meet in mid‐February
Let the RIRA ISC know if you have an issue or concern about Roosevelt Island services and they may be able to help.