Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Resident Reviews Newly Re-Opened Roosevelt Island Sportspark Pool, Water Is Perfect She Says - Take Sportspark Facility Users Survey To Show Your Wishes For Programs And Classes

Roosevelt Island resident Suzy del Campo Perea reports on yesterday's first day re-opening of the Sportspark Facility Pool:

Here's the first child that swam in the re-opened Sportsark pool!

Image From Itziar Borja del Campo

The water is perfect!

The temperature was just right, extremely clean and not too many chemicals.

The pool deck looks semi-new with the fresh coat of paint, bleachers sanded and stained, tiles of the wall professionally clean, new lighting so it's brighter inside. Even the windows received a nice cleaning and light cones through them.

The floor of the pool is smooth, new black tiles and lane separators.

The only thing that contrast is the metal border which it looks old.

The locker rooms are exactly the same, nothing changed besides the soap dispenser that now is foam only (not useful for bathing).

I have put together this survey to get the Roosevelt Island residents needs and wishes about Sportspark Pool.

Also, the survey includes questions about adults classes and the opportunity to use the Basketball court to play Volleyball, Basketball, Kickball, soccer, tennis, jump rope or any other sport/class you can think of.

But most important it will show RIOC that the community wants to use the space that today is rented out to external profit organizations (like Zogs).
Click here to take the Sportspark users survey for the pool and other activities.