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Monday, May 15, 2017

Roosevelt Island Girl Scouts Learn First Aid From Local NYC FDNY EMT's And Earn Merit Badge

Roosevelt Island Girl Scout Troop 3001 Leader Aiesha Eleusizov shares these photos and reports:

Roosevelt Island’s local EMT response team helps island Girl Scouts earn their First Aid badge and Be Prepared!

On Monday, May 8, Lt. Jennifer M Ison, an FDNY paramedic, organized a special meeting last week to help our girls earn their First Aid badge.

Lt Ison and Victoria Johnson, an FDNY EMT, opened up their large first aid bag that they bring on calls and described the equipment they use to help people in medical crisis.

They taught the girls what to do (and not to do) in common medical emergencies,

how to treat burns and cuts and how to make arm and leg splints. The girls practiced their new skills on each other.

As a special treat, FDNY Unit 45A3 (that serves Roosevelt Island) stopped by with their ambulance.

EMTs Matthew McEvoy and Christopher Pierce gave the girls a tour of their ambulance. They showed the girls the gurney,

the “stair chair” used to help carry patients down stairs

and let the girls see inside the ambulance.

The girls were fascinated by the equipment and especially enjoyed trying out the stair chair and gurney themselves!

Lt Ison and Victoria also brought supplies for each girl to create and take home a first aid kit so they can Be Prepared!

Lt Ison, a former Girl Scout, visited our cookie booth in March. Noticing that we hadn’t yet earned our First Aid badge, she volunteered to come and teach our girls First Aid! We are so glad she did as it was an incredible experience for the girls to learn First Aid from a female medical professional.

What a great role model! Thank you to FDNY’s Lt Ison, Victoria Johnson, Matthew McEvoy and Christopher Pierce!