Wednesday, June 13, 2018

At Least 2 More Weeks Of Long Lines For Single Roosevelt Island Tram Cabin In Service - RIOC Announces Roosevelt Island Tram Platform Renovation Project Delayed Due To Rainy Weather

 Roosevelt Island residents can plan on long lines

for the single Tram Cabin in service

to continue for at least another couple of weeks as the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) announced today a delay in completing the Tram Platform Renovation Project 

that was scheduled to be finished this week.

According to RIOC Public Information Officer Alonza Robertson:
The Roosevelt Island Tram platform construction project’s completion has been delayed; by at least two weeks, due to recent wet weather.

The Tram’s North cabin and both of its north platforms, at both Roosevelt Island and Midtown Manhattan, have been out of service since May 16 when the project began. The work was originally estimated to take 30 days to complete, but several days of heavy rain forced work, and ultimately project, delays.

This new construction completes work that initially began July 2017 when RIOC contracted with Specialty Construction System, Inc. to address corrosion and water damage to both stations’ platforms at a cost of $2.15 million.

The project includes the removal of the deteriorated top slabs, repairs to structural decks and main stanchions, removal of non-compliant ramps and the installation of a new ADA-compliant access ramp and rails on the north ramp of the Roosevelt Island Tram Station. New concrete wear slabs to the platforms at both stations, will be waterproofed and receive new traffic coating.

The project products application is weather sensitive and went on hiatus in December 2017 until this recent past May when New York City area’s daily temperatures were forecast to be at or above those required.

The MetroCard vending machines, previously located at the RI Tram Station, will be accessible once the platform work is finished. Until then, commuters are advised to buy a roundtrip ticket at the Midtown Manhattan Station or at the Roosevelt Island MTA subway station.

The MTA’s F-Train, NYC Ferry and the Q-102 bus all remain as alternatives for commuters seeking other means of public transportation to the Island.
As previously reported, the first phase of the Roosevelt Island Tram Platform Renovation Project began last July and was temporarily halted in December 2017 due to cold weather.