Thursday, May 14, 2020

RIDA President Wendy Hersh Thanks C&C Management Roosevelt Landings Staff And Evangel Church Food Pantry For Delivering Food To Roosevelt Island Elderly, Disabled And Homebound Neighbors

Reported earlier this month on a group of Roosevelt Island Heroes:

Volunteers, led by Roosevelt Island Disabled Association (RIDA) President Wendy Hersh, together with the Long Island City based Evangel Church Food Pantry and the NYC Emergency Management Department (NYCEM) Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members are delivering free meals to Roosevelt Island elderly and homebound residents during the Coronavirus Pandemic...
RIDA President Wendy Hersh updates us on the volunteers helping to feed our Roosevelt Island neighbors which includes the staff at Roosevelt Landings C&C Management:
During a week of appreciation, it is only fitting to shout out Doryne Isley , Chuck Abdul and the maintenance staff at C & C Management. In the midst of their day of working with a diminished staff, they are always there to pickup the meals,, unload the trucks

and help us deliver food to our neighbors and residents in need during this pandemic

Always willing to help with a smile on their face.

Love u guys!! We are so appreciative of all you delivering 3 meals a day...

The Super's name is Chuck, not Frank.

Thanks to Evangel church for helping us feed those in need on Roosevelt Island as well as those in need throughout the city...

If you would like to help Evangel Church Food Pantry feed Roosevelt Island and other NYC elderly and disabled, please visit their Go Fund Me Page.

Here's May 2 interview with Ms Hersh, Ms Marko and NYC CERT volunteers, including Roosevelt Island resident Frank Farance, describing their efforts to feed our elderly, disabled and homebound neighbors as well as the plan to expand what is being done on Roosevelt Island to other NYC neighborhoods.

These efforts were recognized by NYCEM Commissioner Deanne Criswell.