Thursday, January 19, 2012

NYC Principal and Roosevelt Island Resident Cheryl Tyler Profiled In NY Times Schoolbook Feature

Image of Ms. Tyler from Maria Newman for SchoolBook NY Times

The NY Times Schoolbook feature profiled New York City school principal Cheryl Tyler, a long time resident of Roosevelt Island. According to the NY Times:
When word got out in the fall that Public School 277 in the Bronx had landed on a list of schools that could be closed by the Department of Education because it had received an F on its progress report, the school’s students, parents and teachers went on a campaign to convince officials that their school had been working hard to raise achievement in the struggling neighborhood. They wrote letters. They crowded into meetings at the school auditorium. They described a school where students are engaged and teachers feel respected for their work.

In December, when they learned that school officials had decided to keep the school open, “you could hear the resounding cheer throughout the school,’’ said Cheryl Tyler, the principal. Deputy Chancellor Marc Sternberg said, “We saw the school has a motivated principal and energized staff with a vision for improving student achievement.”....
Click here to read the entire NY Times article on Ms.Tyler.

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