Thursday, September 26, 2013

Yoga For Adults Starting Tonight At the Roosevelt Island Youth Program/Beacon - Free Zumba, Dance, Basketball, Math/English Prep Classes & More Too

From the Roosevelt Island Youth Program:

We are happy to announce the Beacon will be offering the  following:

Yoga  for Adults will start Sept. 26th and will be Thursdays from 7:30-8:30 at PS/IS 217-- Free

Dance/Zumba/Cardio for Adults  will start Sept 30th  and will be Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30pm-7:30pm at PS/IS 217-- Free

Adult Basketball (Age 18 and up) will start Sept 30th and will be Mondays-Thursdays 8-10pm at PS/IS 217 --  Free

SHSAT Prep ( 8th Graders) -- Starting Sept 23rd  Mon and Wed Math Prep and Tues and Thurs ELA Prep 3pm - 4pm at PS/IS 217 -- Free

After School programming ( Ages 6-13)  is from 2:45pm-6pm at PS/IS 217 -- Free


CheshireKitty said...

You don't like racial/class warfare, Rossie? Well, the electorate certainly went for the Tale of Two Cities scenario as outlined by DeBlasio. That scenario explicitly pits the haves vs the have-nots, class vs class etc etc. As far as race is concerned, there are plenty of poor whites yet minority people are still very much the victims of institutionalized racism in hiring, housing, and many other areas. They are/were also profiled with BB's stop and frisk, now ruled un-Constitutional by a (ahem) really white Judge, Shira Scheindlin... So I guess you would call Judge Scheindlin a racist, huh?

And guess what? Not only did DeBlasio win, but guess which powerful, mainstream, white politicians have lined up with DeBlasio and his "rich tax" on folks like you?

Why, your old friends - the Governor, Andy Cuomo himself, and even good ol' Sen. Schumer! Now these are political bigwigs, Rossie: Cuomo and Schumer are not the political Little League. Oh, but, according to you, both the Governor and the senior NYS US Senator are racists, because they support DeBlasio.

I hate to inform you Rossie: DeBlasio's rich tax, the tax you were railing against not too long ago and describing as the position of a divisive racist - guilty of class warfare, is now - *mainstream*! Powerful white politicians as described above have embraced it! You may call it racial/class warfare, others say the "rich tax" is a *fair* tax. Unfortunately for the rich, we still have a democracy in the US, so if the electorate goes for a candidate espousing the rich tax, well, there's a distinct possibility that the 1% is going to be paying that tax by April 15, 2014, which is less than a year away...

CheshireKitty said...

This is a drop in the bucket compared with the number of these establishments. Why not find the statistics that show what s the percentage of bars/restaurants/bodegas being closed on account of noise complaints?

As I said: The law is selectively enforced. The rich (of all races but mostly/usually white) are permitted to carry on with no interference. When it comes to businesses that cater to the "lower classes" (usually minority) then the NYPD will harass and close these stores; just as it always profiles minorities, it likewise profiles businesses either owned by minorities or catering to the lower-income people and/or minorities.

CheshireKitty said...

Well, this is laughable. You have listed 3 - count 'em - 3 clubs in Greenpoint or the LES. Do you have any idea of how many clubs/bars/restaurants exist in the Village/Williamsburg/etc.? Three is a drop in the bucket. It actually proves what I'm sayin'! Of all the probably hundreds of these places literally coating these areas, only 3 have been closed for noise complaints recently! Hah! And do you have any idea of how many complaints were lodged before they were closed? Undoubtedly hundreds.. since the residents in these areas, unless they're either inured to the noise or are actual partiers themselves, don't particularly like the noise of drunken NYU students staggering and barfing all over the streets throughout the night.

The point is: By and large, despite resident complaints, the police/City largely leaves these establishments alone! Why? Because they represent one of the major reasons people come to NYC - for the nightlife. The City doesn't want to scare away tourists etc. So they let the places that cater to them stay in business, with all the noise etc. Don't tell me otherwise because I know this to be a fact. The Village is nightly filled with drunken NYU students - it's a complete zoo. As is Williamsburg with the hordes of hipsters milling around on the streets, going to clubs etc etc.

And yet - you have 1 corner on RI, where a few mostly minority youth habitually hang out, and that's targeted by RIOC-PSD. It seems to me the law is being applied unfairly, by targeting the poor/minority residents - just like stop and frisk. They are being profiled because of their class and race. If it were a group of white hipsters that was hanging out at the deli, do you really think RIOC would want the deli to close? I doubt it. RIOC = racist.

NotMyKid said...

The only minority establishment i closed belonged to an Indian man.

What on earth are you saying?

Instead of me providing statistics proving we are not selective and racist, perhaps you need to prove to us and show us the stats that show that we are racist and selective.

CheshireKitty said...

I'm saying profiling just like stop and frisk extends to these situations: Establishments catering to a "lower" class of customer may be closed, but the same sort of establishment with as many noise complaints if it caters to a more "upscale" or non-minority crowd, will not be closed. You have to do a search of bars/restaurants closed in the city and cross-reference the search with income levels of each area. A rich area will probably have lesser percentage of bars closing, a poor area, greater percentage of total number of bars.

Frank Farance said...

NotMyKid, you still don't know what you're talking about. Your point doesn't apply, that's why I asked you to carefully provide your legal interpretation: cite the provision of the law you think applies.

NotMyKid said...

We have closed places in the meat packing district, park ave area, midtown, all ritzy and rich!

Frank Farance said...

NotMyKid, "If the city/nypd can argue that the business is causing a problem and they fail to fix their problem in good faith", but didn't contact M&D, McManus had no intent to work with M&D, PSD just filed the 20+ noise complaint reports without a peep. In fact, M&D was not doing anything wrong:
it was PSD who wasn't doing proper patrolling.

NotMyKid said...

I don't know, you don't know and none of us really know the behind the door scenes that MD, RIOC and McManus have communicated with each other.

Honestly frank, damn if psd locks these perps up and damn if thet don't.

Which one is it?. You can't just cradle and cuddle these trouble makers, you need action. Simple as that.

NotMyKid said...

Says me or says you?

A person is guilty of criminal nuisance in the second degree when:
1. By conduct either unlawful in itself or unreasonable under all the
circumstances, he knowingly or recklessly creates or maintains a
condition which endangers the safety or health of a considerable number
of persons; or
2. He knowingly conducts or maintains any premises, place or resort
where persons gather for purposes of engaging in unlawful conduct.
Criminal nuisance in the second degree is a class B misdemeanor.

NotMyKid said...

That can be construed one way or another and is a nuisance abatement offense.

So, you, a person who never did my job is going to tell me, a person who worked hand in hand with a legal team and judges that I don't know what I am talking about?. Ok sir.

NotMyKid said...

Seriously guy, you think I'm going to sit here and type up all of my experiences and dealing that I have encountered with nuisance abatement procedures? Every case is different. I was merely affording the POSSIBILITY of a section POSSIBLY put to test here.

Why is that hard to comprehend? Oh yeah.. Because you are over reactive and hate, absolutely hate to be shown up with any information. Your set in your way and if it ain't Franks way, its no way. Ok that's cool, but how do you come up with I'm a bully with a gun?

Are you serious? You sound insane!.

To you I might lose arguments, but you just don't accept a professionals experience. Not every single abatement works out to the law and not every crime tried in court works out to the letter of the law. So how can I possibly sit here and guarantee you a section of the law will apply 100% to the MD situation? I can't.

I have you bit of info, take it as you want. I'm not here to press it on for MD and I'm not here to prosecute them!

PSDInformant said...

What's the new PSD uniform? Someone snaps some pictures or send a link.

I said this on the prior blog about this topic. Here's my problem with people like Farance and Feely-Nahem and their type.

They want their cake and eat it too. If you tell a group of 10 "youths" (as you call them even though they're adults) on this island, who have been conditioned by their parents and people like you that PSD is trash and has no authority and don't respect them, they're not going to obey an order.

After verbally telling someone to obey an order, it becomes physical removal and then 100 times out of 99, it's a fight that Frank will come right back here to say is brutality.

So either have PSD handle things like a noise complaint and make it a fight until the "youths" decide jail for the night and a fight aren't worth it, OR they say "hey guys we got a call, mind moving?" then when they don't move. You just go on your merry way because hey... they're all good youths, right?

commonsense540 said...

The shooting had nothing to do with the deli or PSD, you need to ask the RIOC Board members and Sports park staff who helped get permission (wink and a node) for gang members to have a BBQ after similar issues arose in prior years when same individuals hosted a bbq.

NotMyKid said...

That's the problem. We have citizens who are other than police professionals, trying to say how policing should be.

There's a very big difference between how a plan looks on paper and how it works in the street.

Just sitting here at the comfort of ones home behind a computer saying.. "Nypd just shows up and they disperse", right, maybe they do.. That's fine but that is noones fault but the propaganda that has been floating about PSD abuse and PSD lack of authority. We're mistakes made in the past? Absolutely. Perhaps not with any particular case, but to say in police work mistakes are never made is a lie.

If the community backed psd and the parents at home who were first generation island nuisances and now have their second generation of nuisance children in the street does not help.

Lets cut the crap out about the youth being youth. These youth are OLD enough to know right from wrong and are not stupid. Saying they are youth is just a feel good gimmick.

They are young adults, some who are in their 20's.

YetAnotherRIer said...

"it can be construed that MD is harboring a place for these trouble makers to hang out without trying to get rid of them in good faith"

I have to admit that I agree with you here. I have a hard time not to think that the deli is not that innocent for the situation they are in.

OldRossie said...

I agree with the idea that when these things are being discussed we need to make sure we're referring to the right people. I've seen teens on the island doing stupid things (hiding in corners and smoking joints.. whatever) and when they're approached by PSD they are respectful, and responsive. Point being, these are NOT the same kids causing the problem in front of the deli - those people I don't think should be categorized as "youths".

OldRossie said...

I agree with that as well - these people are customers for the deli. What they do outside of the store isn't the fault of the deli, but staying open to capture the business and no record of a formal complaint from the deli, implies no effort to get rid of them.

bakgwailo said...

Please cite your facts instead of making them up.

NotMyKid said...

If Mo from MD can prove with itemized phone call statement that calls were placed to psd from his store then he is safe. If he is merely just saying he does isno good. It would be his burden to prove he made good faith attempts.

Until then.. well.. we shall see.

APS said...

I have lived on the Island since the late 1970's and never understood the need for the HUGE staircases for Island house that pour onto Main Street. Not only are they a hub for hanging out, they also create a narrow walkway. How about bulldozing the stairs and creating a more standard stairway that would alleviate hanging out in that spot and provide residents with a much better walking flow.