Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa's On His Way To Roosevelt Island Ho Ho Ho - Merry Christmas, A Wonderful Festivus And Chinese Food For The Rest Of Us

Reports are coming in of Santa Claus sightings from all around the world. You can even track him with the aid of Google's Santa Tracker and a Santa Tracker from NORAD.

Santa will arrive on Roosevelt Island in a couple of hours. When he does, it may be on his specially designed, Reindeer powered, Roosevelt Island Tram sled using one of the old Tram cabins.

Roosevelt Island Reindeer Driven Tram Card From Marty Atkins (more info here)

Hope you've taken Bruce Springsteen's advice and were good this year.

If you're interested in the history of Santa, here you go:

and then there's Festivus

and Chinese food for the rest of us.

Don't forget to leave some cookies out for Santa tonight. MERRY CHRISTMAS - Ho HO Ho!!!!!!!!


Mickgirl said...

It was wild. It kept coming south then pulling back north. Interesting to watch though. We could see the sculpture garden in LIC then it was gone....5 minutes later it was visible. WEIRD!