Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Some Visitors Only Take Roosevelt Island Tram Back And Forth, Others Enjoy Exploring On Beautiful Spring Day - Result Is Packed Like Sardine Tram Cabins For Everyone

Some visitors to Roosevelt Island never leave the Tram and others explore.

According to 100 Days Of Becoming A New Yorker:
Allison wants to become a New Yorker. She's from Alabama.

For 100 days Allison will be exploring all the ways to become a true New Yorker. She's lived in the city since January 2014, but like so many people that move here she started a job and found herself too exhausted to really enjoy the life that New York has to offer. Not anymore.

This list came from many friends who have lived in New York for a long time, but this will be changing and growing over time!...
A ride on the Roosevelt Island Tram is Day #29 on her list of a things to do for a newcomer to become a New Yorker.

Here's Allison's Ride on the Roosevelt Island Tram:
Residents of Roosevelt Island have to ride the tram because of limited subway service, and I'm sure this is a blessing and a curse. Roosevelt Island doesn't have much to do, but it is a damn pretty ride over there!

Another Roosevelt Island visitor, Fitlala has a different experience:
Roosevelt Island has some gorgeous views of midtown Manhattan, and beyond that, it has some interesting history to explore. Now is the time to visit with the cherry blossoms in bloom. Spring is upon us in all of its glory!

and found a bit more to enjoy on a nice spring day.

One thing for sure, the Roosevelt Island Tram is getting much more crowded

Image Of Crowded Tram Cabin Last Sunday Afternoon

with visitors.


Janet Falk said...

Allison thinks there's nothing to do on Roosevelt Island because there no longer are maps at the Manhattan tram station. There are NO SIGNS at the Island tram station directing her to get an ice cream or visit the gallery on Main Street. RIOC, please get David Kramer to deliver on his promise for signage so tram riders leave Tram Plaza and spend a few dollars here.

YetAnotherRIer said...

No, she is right. Why would she be interested in having ice cream or visiting a gallery on Roosevelt Island? Those places are not unique and hardly something that is Roosevelt Island-y. The only attractions we have here are indeed the memorial, the tram, and just nice views. I doubt signage will improve anything/

APS said...

And a tram that got stuck by the first tower in NYC on route to RI. There were too many people and it swung and swayed trying to "re calibrate."

IslandKrewe said...

Time for RIOC to keep spray deodorant as mandatory operator equipment.. when you see the arms go up and grab the bar or straps.. spray on !!