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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Roosevelt Island Residents Arriving Home On Tram Greeted By Wonderful RI Jazz Collective - Let's Have More Music At Tram Plaza And Lose The Giant RI Monument Eyesore

Enjoy some local Roosevelt Island Jazz this Saturday evening.

Last Tuesday. October 9, Roosevelt Island residents arriving home on the Tram were greeted by our local Roosevelt Island Jazz Collective playing some very good music.

The Roosevelt Island Jazz Collective is made up of musicians Mark Hynes, Susheel Kurien, Bruno Razafindrakoto & Francois Alghisi.

Watch the video and enjoy the music. Don't miss Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Susan Rosenthal getting in the groove of the moment with some dancing moves.

The entertainment was part of RIOC and Hudson Related

 RIOC's Susan Rosenthal And Hudson Related David Kramer Posing By Giant RI Monument

introducing the Giant RI monument ntended to welcome residents and visitors to the Island.

Roosevelt Island resident Scott Pirro gives a positive review of the Giant RI Monument:

From my observation, most people, other than RIOC and Hudson Related staff were either indifferent or disliked the Giant RI Monument.

Instead of wasting money on the Giant RI Monument Eyesore to welcome residents and visitors, much better to pay our local musicians to play frequently at the Tram Plaza instead.