Friday, April 16, 2021

It's Been A Tough Year For Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 2021 Graduating Class of 28 Students Due To Covid 19 Pandemic - Help Them Celebrate Graduation With Senior Class Trip To Six Flags Amusement Park By Contributing To Go Fund Me Campaign

A Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 parent is asking for community help to send the graduating 8th grade class of 28 kids on a Senior Class trip to Six Flags Amusement Park in celebration of their upcoming graduation.

According to the parent:

It’s a small class of 28 kids. Most of these kids have been through school together since Pre-K up. They’re this cute little 217 Family. Like many of us were.

These kids have had it rough, they’ve missed out on their last year of school together. Many of the memories they will have will be of tiny thumbnails of each other on a computer screen. 

As of right now, we the parents of the 8th grade in 217 are trying to help these kids have a safe and memorable last school trip together. There are families who are struggling to pay Senior fees, picture day and a class ring. And we collectively are trying to make this trip available to all of the kids, without an extra bill to the households. We are looking to raise funds to bring the entire 8th grade class to Six Flags for a day of fun. 

If you can help, here's the Go Fund Me Page 

We are a group of parents trying to give our children the best graduation send-off possible. 

Our children are graduating from 8th Grade and due to Covid, their school is unable to provide the traditional senior activities, trips or celebrations. These kids have been struggling with remote and blended classes for half of their 7th grade and their entire 8th grade. 

That means half of the middle school experience was lost. They have essentially become teenagers alone at home. They have persevered and deserve a celebration. The students would like to go on the annual senior trip as an entire class of 28 kids. 

Some parents are unable to afford a contribution in these tough times and accomplishing this goal will take even more funds than usual because of Covid 19 rules and regulations. For instance, to get there they would need a bus with enough space to socially distance and at over $1,000. It is very expensive to rent for the day. 

Some kids are already struggling with paying the school the requested senior dues. This fundraiser is to be used to help pay the expenses, and only the expenses, for the transportation and entrance fees for the entire class to get the best ending to their middle school experience as possible: a fun day at Six Flags doing what kids should be doing, celebrating at an amusement park. They are hoping that we can all help make that happen.

Click here if you wish to help.