Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Transportation Community Town Hall Meeting Is First Step In Developing Comprehensive Quality Of Life Plan For Roosevelt Island - We Hope!

Last night's Transportation Town Hall meeting did not produce anything new in terms of solutions for Roosevelt Island other than the use of a wireless point and click device to record the views of those in attendance on a variety of questions.

Roosevelt Island 360 has an excellent and thorough review of the proceeds with which I am in complete agreement.
The only real problem was the transportation experts did not speak at all and the public was not given the opportunity to put these folks on the spot. Also while the solutions offered are nice in theory we heard nothing from the elected officials or the transportation officials as to the reality of any one solution being actually attainable or not.

Access RI is a blog created by the Hunter College team that conducted the Roosevelt Island transportation Town Hall meeting. Access RI intends to not only focus on Roosevelt Island transportation related issues but seeks to develop a comprehensive plan to:
improve access to employment, education, health care, food and other services of importance including but not limited to emergency services and public transportation.

The study will produce long-term, innovative solutions, in addition to short-term, low hanging fruit solutions to address these issues.

Roosevelt Island offers a simple way to delineate the primary study area, because it is an island with three main access points. However, as we continue our research and analysis, the study area may expand the scope of analysis to include access corridors or nodes in Manhattan and Queens.
Good luck.