Friday, January 29, 2010

Traffic Disruptions In The Cards For Manhattan's Upper East Side During Roosevelt Island Tram Modernizaton Work Starting March 1

The shutdown of the Roosevelt Island Tram for it's scheduled 6 month Modernization Program starting March 1, 2010 will not only bring transportation headaches for those of us living on Roosevelt Island but will also inconvenience, to say the least, anyone who lives, works or travels near Second Avenue and 60th street in Manhattan. Earlier this month, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. (RIOC) together with POMA, the project's contractor, presented their construction plans to Community Board 8.

RIOC and POMA reported that due to work on the Manhattan Tram Station

Aerial View Of Manhattan Tram Station

and two Tram Towers,

Roosevelt Island Tram Tower

there will be periodic closings of the Queensboro Bridge Upper Level

Image Of Queensboro Bridge Upper Level

and surrounding streets including 2nd Avenue and 60th Street.

Manhattan Tram Station at 2nd Avenue 60th Street

I inquired of RIOC President Steve Shane:
The presentation made before the Community Planning Board indicates closings of Queensboro Bridge Upper Level, and surrounding streets but does not indicate for what period of time they will be closed - Hours, Days, Weeks, Months etc. Does RIOC and Poma have any projections as to how long these areas will be closed and if so, what are they?
Mr Shane replies:
The final determinations of DOT as to when street closings, Queensboro Bridge ramp closings, etc. await issuance of final approvals and permits. Will advise when they are available. Applications are pending.
Mr. Shane's January 25 report to Roosevelt Island (Item 2) community added:
Tram: A. On schedule for shutdown March 1 (30 Days!!!) and reopening by September 1, 2010. The plans for crane usage, street closings (including the upper ramp of the Queensboro Bridge), permitted times, traffic control and safety precautions, all as submitted to the Departments of Buildings and Traffic have been reviewed and permits will issue at the time of shutdown.
Blogger East River Greenway reports on how this will impact the area around York Avenue:
... The RIOC plans to use Sycamore Park and parts of the old heliport ramp that now connects the East River Greenway to York Avenue and Sutton Place at 60th Street for crane storage, staging, and operation. During construction, access to the Greenway via the ramp will be restricted. The RIOC will detour cyclists to use the existing 63rd Street pedestrian bridge during the times that ramp access is restricted...
Below is the planned construction schedule for Roosevelt Island Modernization Program,

the contractors,
and Powerpoint Presentations made by RIOC and POMA to Community Board 8.

Tram Presentation Manhattan Station


Community Board 8 has archived the Roosevelt Island Tram Modernization Program Powerpoint Presentations. All of the images are from the presentation to the Community Board.

UPDATE 2/28 - The construction plan schedule for the Tram Modernization has been altered slightly. Initially, RIOC and POMA planned working on the Tram Towers on the Roosevelt Island side first, which they say will be easier, in order to gain some experience prior to working on the more difficult Manhattan side towers. That has changed because RIOC was informed by NYC that the Department of Transportation is scheduled to start working May 15 in the same 59th street area on a water tunnel project. POMA will now work on the Manhattan side Towers first so that there is no conflict with DOT's projected May 15 water tunnel start date


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