Tuesday, January 26, 2010

$4 Million Dollars In Federal Stimulus Funds For Roosevelt Island - Not For Infrastructure Improvements But Rental Subsidies To Manhattan Park

I was looking through the Recovery.gov web site looking to see if any Roosevelt Island infrastructure projects have received Federal Stimulus/Recovery funds provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

There were no infrastructure project awards for Roosevelt Island. However, Roosevelt Island Associates (Manhattan Park) was awarded more than $4 Million in Federal Stimulus Money for what is described as rental assistance payments through HUD. Under the category of Projects and Jobs Information, the Award Summary states:

Jobs Created 58.00 and
No new jobs created; retention of administrative management and maintenance staff
I inquired of Congresswomen Maloney's office if she had any comment on this matter and was told by a member of her office that she was aware of this award for Section 8 Housing Vouchers, voted for it but did not apply for it. When I asked whether this was the most appropriate use of spending Federal Stimulus Funds on Roosevelt Island her staff member asked me if I had anything against Section 8 housing. I responded that I did not but thought there were plenty of infrastructure improvements that could be made here on Roosevelt Island which could create some new jobs.

I asked RIOC President Steve Shane to comment and he replied:
No comment on Federal Government's characterization of money for Manhattan Park. I don't know what it's for.

No other stimulus money received for RI as far as I know.
More information on how the Stimulus funds are being used is available from NY State, NYC City and from Pro Publica, an independent watch dog group following the money trail.


Anonymous said...

Maloney's staff person sounds a little testy. Maybe because Maloney is facing a primary for the first time in many years.

Anonymous said...

Manhattan Park applied for it and got its share. Good for them, Did the RIOC apply for any share of the money pie?

Anonymous said...

Doesn’t Manhattan Park co-own Motorgate? Many jobs could be created to repair this place. For example, the elevators at the north side, which remain out of service for at least 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Glad Roosevelt Island got a slice of the pie.

Is Urban American maybe applying for an upgrade of the Eastwood building ?

Wonder if RIOC has considered getting funding for the Octagon playground.

We know there is money outthere
but applications have to be made.

mushr00m said...

Poor people gotta live don't they?

Anonymous said...

Not as much as middle class people who don't qualify for any form of public assistance. If your poor enough you get to have lots of things for free. If you're just not poor enough, well then you get nothing. The end.

Anonymous said...

You don't get anything because you have at least some money to put food on the table.

Anonymous said...

You work, you make money, if not, tough sucks. You shouldn't be given freebies.