Sunday, November 27, 2011

Roosevelt Island Street Art At The Castle - Resident Photo Blogger Olya Presents The Reggae Rat

Olya's Urban Journal is an excellent photo blog with a unique perspective created by Roosevelt Island resident Olya Turcihin. Ms. Turcihin shares this image she found of Roosevelt Island street art

and reports:
A friend pointed out this street art rat - right here on Roosevelt Island

I have been listening to UB40's "Rat in the Kitchen" everyday for a few days now - here it is .... enjoy! !
I asked Ms. Turcihin where she found the Roosevelt Island Rat street art and she told me it was at Castle Park. I had no idea where or what was Roosevelt Island Castle Park. Ms. Turcihin filled me in:
Castle park is the park on the west side of the island that is flanked by southern end of eastwood, the basketball courts, and blackwell house ... there used to be a structure there that looked like a castle and then they renovated the park with that plastic stuff...
She also captured this example of Roosevelt Island street art at the former Castle Park.

Image From Olya Turcihin

We both wonder who is the artist?


Anonymous said...

On the EAST side.

westviewgirl said...

there is a huge graffiti tagging, or signature if you will, if that is what the street people call it as I noticed it a while back that you can see really well from Queens, it is in Southtown on the Eastern side by the water and the rocks on the sea wall down by the dog park. Very ugly and looks horrible from Queens, it looks horrible from RI as well. I have called RIOC and PSD to inform them of the gang tagging which is what I believe it is.

I wish they would cover it up, if I could climb over the gate, I would do it. Glad to say we do not have that much here, but this one is really huge. Just sayin....peace out and have a happy Yule!