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Friday, March 14, 2014

Update On Roosevelt Island Burglaries At Urban American's Roosevelt Landings - NYPD Does Vertical Patrols, Apartment Security Surveys And Distributes Burglary Prevention Flyers

An update on the recent series of burglaries at Roosevelt Landings and response by NYPD. Yesterday, a reader asked:

... around 12pm I saw a lot of NYPD going into 540. Three were 3 cop cars parked on Main Street and one police van parks in the alley btw 540 & the Hardware store.
Image Of 540 Main Street

I asked NYPD 114 Precinct Commander Deputy Inspector Kevin Maloney about the NYPD presence at Roosevelt Landings yesterday.

NYPD 114 Deputy Inspector Kevin Maloney (Standing) and Roosevelt Island PSD Jack McManus (Sitting)

Deputy Inspector Maloney responded yestererday:
The officers on the island today were part of the crime prevention initiative we spoke about. They conducted verticals, distributed several hundred flyers regarding burglary awareness and prevention as well as 17 security surveys within the roosevelt landing complex.

There were no arrests on the island today.
As previously reported:
... a  NYPD Crime Prevention Officer is available to visit your home to identify and make recommendations to improve the security in your apartment free of charge.  If you are interested in the NYPD Crime Prevention Survey, contact 114 Precinct Officer John Glynn (718) 626-9324 or 9327....
and more information on the Roosevelt Landings burglary from Deputy Inspector Maloney.

I asked a representative from Roosevelt Landings owner Urban American about the recent burglaries:
... Any statement from Urban American on this issue?

Does Urban American have any plans on having a doorman/concierge at Roosevelt Landings. Some residents think that will help the security situation.
An Urban American spokesperson replied:
We are constantly reviewing security procedures and meeting with the police department and Public Safety to ensure the security of our residents. We are aware of the arrest and continue to provide assistance to police in their on-going investigation.


APS said...

Can you post the notice that the police handed out, I bet it's information all residents on the Island would appreciate reviewing.

CheshireKitty said...

Then don't. The residents of RI are sick and tired of the small group of hypocrites who comprise the so-called "social and political" leading group on RI. Some have correctly been kicked out of RIRA when they resigned under a cloud of scorn, and your turn will come, sure as day follows night.

As far as anybody showing off: There's no need for the CheshireKitty to do that. I have and can out-argue anyone of the regulars on this blog including Frank. Try me.

You wish that we would step down. You wish that your coterie regain control of RIRA - so you can "deliver" island opinion to the "masters" at RIOC. We'll see who steps down, and who steps up in the end.

I've heard innuendo and taunts since the time Anthony Jones was beaten. This is a common way to try to bring down activists, although, I must confess, I'm not much of one. Go ahead and suggest that I go with all the cats -- no-one will believe you.

No fraud? You can sit there are seriously claim there was no fraud in Tang's statements? Or in the 2013 CBF financial report? If you think there was no fraud in either, then the IRS should take a very close look at your tax return, since you have a very loose, very creative, idea indeed of what constitutes financial fraud.

Thank you for admitting that you too were probably stealing, or put more politely, "improperly allocating" money in years past with your souvenir sales. The fact that you stole money and got away with it, which is what you seem to be more than hinting at, doesn't give the ladies of the 2013 CBF the right to do so. Does anyone have the right to steal? I don't think so.

Don't be so sure no-one will come after you if you are in fact publicly boasting of theft. You have lost your head, if you are making such claims publicly, if you think no-one is reading your words and may decide to investigate the veracity of your boasts. Or, perhaps you are simply lying - once again - for effect, possibly figuring the shock value of your claim will boost the readers' impression of your supposed ferocity. Hah. Fat chance - or,in your case specifically, no fat ass chance.

Let me assure you that weak or strong, I am ready to take on opponents. I've proved resilient and able time and again, to take them on and win. As I said above, try me. So far, your arguments are laughable: You expect readers to "forgive" the CBF ladies because you once supposedly purloined souvenir proceeds? Two wrongs are supposed to make a right? Please. Two wrongs are wrong, even an elementary school pupil knows that.

You can think what you want about my comments - there are plenty who have said much worse about me hundreds of times. I've been called all sorts of names, and I could care less. You still have not come up with a single convincing argument that might persuade the reader to switch to your viewpoint, which is, to consider the false true and those that would promote lies, correct.

Frank Farance said...

Ms. Helstein, you have your facts completely wrong. I joined RICO around February of 1997. When I joined there was no money and they couldn't afford to get their 990s done. We raised money, but after getting approximately $3000 in funds, the chair (Susan Whitaker) refused to spend it on the proper accounting effort necessary to bring the corporation up to date. I promptly resigned because I could not be on a board that made those kinds of decisions. In summary, during my time there was no money lost at that time because we had no money.

Frank Farance said...

Ms. Helstein, nice to see the new RIRA VP frothing with incorrect facts and such, at least you've been consistent over the years. I'll have a more detailed response later, but just a quick note: the reason your hat sales garnered little accounting review was because your explanation of revenues and expenses matched reality. Ms. Shinozaki's report did not, and was grossly wrong -- off by an order of magnitude (about a factor of 10). On top of that, there were many questions about the finances of the Cherry Blossom Festival (I'll point to the video and transcript later), and you and others have characterized the complaints (e.g., Ms. Tang claimed I said she did something illegal, but I never said she did, and I never gave any indication that she did). And you've created false arguments, too, such as So-And-So Has Never Done Anything Illegal ... that wasn't the point that we're arguing about.

OldRossie said...

Saying that you can win an argument doesn't make it so. CheshireKitty (Helen) standing against Ms. Helstein puts me and I'm sure others on Ms. Helstein's side. That's the problem with your history of rants. Go Get'er SherieL!

CheshireKitty said...

Like I care what you think. Haven't you been wrong since way back on so many issues? People by now take your predictions with a large grain of sale.

You're betting against me? Fine.

Anybody want action should take up Rossie's challenge: I say I win, and I'll make my own odds (in this unique instances) as 5:1 I win.

Not a boast - just a forecast, based on the the available information of ahem shall we say our Ms. Helstien's rather played-out, desiccated intellectual capacity..

CheshireKitty said...

Considering the sums changing hands for market rate rents, it really makes no sense that door stations are not implemented at RL. How can UA think anyone would invest in RL- as a market rate building - without door stations? Although door stations at the Main St building entrances might not solve all the security problems of the complex, they would definitely improve security. If cost is a deterrent, then UA could renegotiate the money they pay toward PSD to offset the cost of door staff. It's a joke if UA is trying to market RL as a market rate building, without this essential feature of market rate buildings: Door stations.

Bill Blass said...

Kitty eastwood is a market rent building only the 130 apartments that are lap are not market rent

CheshireKitty said...

Housing is so tight in NYC that market rate rents are being charged for these apartments, even though the building lacks door stations, which is a traditional market rate amenity. UA doesn't want to pay to implement door stations, but they could partially defray the cost of door stations by cutting back on their payments to PSD.

drea_lg said...

the "YouthPsd never does Vertical Patrols they only come threw the halls when they get complaints on the group of 7-11 year olds are sitting and talking in the hall and they don't bother anyone there here dew to lack of activities and trust of the people who run the "Youth Center/Beacon"

NotMyKid said...

The perps watch and they know where everyone is. It's not rocket science to be an opportunist.

Can't be everywhere at once.

Same idea for "there's always a cop when I dont need a cop" in the street. But who you need one, not a single officer is around.

Same idea. Can't be everywhere.

drea_lg said...

Psd never does thier "job" i've lived here over ten years ive never seen a vertical done and the day of this robbery they still didnt do this so called vertical maybe if they really did what was in there job description people would be scared to just walk in peoples apartments

NotMyKid said...

Not if they are now held down and are not allowed to be proactive. Instead PSD is a reactive organization now since the rioc president took over.

No arrests, limited summonses.

The perps know the deal. Why should they be scared now?

drea_lg said...

Psd never did their jobs no one was ever scared. Psd is b.s its 2 days after this robbery i seen not 1 psd, they gave out several hundred flyers on the burglary LIES i didn't get one did you? What they're saying sounds good but it's not the facts its time for them to bring their Fat Lazy sloppy asses out the office and do the "verticals"