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Monday, June 30, 2014

Citi Bike Share Riders Visit Roosevelt Island - When Will Roosevelt Island Get Its Own Citi Bike Sharing Asks Resident?

Roosevelt Island photographer Francine Lange shares these pictures and asks

Isn’t it time for Roosevelt Island to have its own Citi Bike station? These Sunday visitors

Image From Francine Lange

had to first get their Citi Bikes from the Manhattan side of the East River and ride the Tram across to be able to enjoy the view

Image From Francine Lange

and a quick ride on the island.
 Here's a map showing the current locations of Citi Bike sharing stations.

The bike sharing locations are in Manhattan, south of 59th street and in several Brooklyn neighborhoods. No bike sharing stations in Queens or Roosevelt Island. The closest Citi Bike sharing station to Roosevelt Island is on 58th and Second Avenue.

I think it would be great to connect Roosevelt Island to Long Island City and Astoria with bike sharing stations.

Hopes were high in September 2010 for a Roosevelt Island bike sharing station when the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) undertook a demonstration here.

Former RIOC President Leslie Torres & Rivewalk Bar/Nonno's Pizza Owner Alphonse At 2010  Bike Sharing Demonstration

RIOC ultimately determined not to set up its own bike sharing system but hopes to eventually have Roosevelt Island participate in the NYC wide Citi Bike sharing system.

How long that will take to happen is unknown.

Capital New York has more on future plans for Citi Bike sharing.

UPDATE 7/2 - More on Citi Bike sharing plans from Capital New York:
A deal that would both stabilize Citi Bike and create the opportunity to expand the popular New York City bikeshare program is taking shape.

About three weeks ago, Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration, a company called REQX Ventures and Alta Bicycle Share, the system's troubled operator, agreed on the broad outlines of an agreement, according to two knowledgeable sources.

According to the terms of that still-tentative agreement, REQX Ventures, a company run by individuals affiliated with Equinox and Related Companies (the real estate company that owns Equinox) would buy at least 51-percent of the Portland-based company....
Click here for the entire article.


APS said...

What would be a great start is for the RIOC to fix the pavement around the Island so that it is more enjoyable for bike riders... there are several danger zones that are desperate for repair.

CheshireKitty said...

Maybe RIOC should reconsider starting its own bike sharing system since it's uncertain when Citi Bike will arrive on RI. RI is really an ideal biking environment: Few cars, wonderful riverside promenade with no traffic, island dotted with nice spots to stop and enjoy views, nice parks/plazas, etc. It's a shame there is no bike share program or even a bike business that might rent bikes to tourists. An obvious spot to lend/rent out bikes would be at Sportspark - right by the tram.