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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Roosevelt Island Luxury Rental Building Residents Without Gas Since September 8 Due To Piping Replacement - Developer Hudson Related Providing Residents Complimentary Breakfast And Dinner From Riverwalk Bar & Grill

Residents of Roosevelt Island's newest luxury rental building, Riverwalk Point, at 480 Main Street, have been out of gas service since September 8. Last week, a Roosevelt Island tipster shared this photo of temporary gas trailer parked in front of 480 Main

and reported:
Emergency gas supply now on 5th cooking in building, Riverwalk Bar & Grill has been on contract supplying breakfast and dinner.
In response to my inquiry about the gas outage, a Riverwalk Point resident replied:
It has been 10 days (since the 8th), we didn't have hot water for 3, but they brought the generator pictured above last Saturday to heat water. On last report Con Ed will be here early next week to inspect and they warned us it may be a few days after that before the safety check is done. There was a gas leak in one of the mechanical rooms. Related has been providing continental breakfast and dinner for the building since last week. Riverwalk Bar and Grill has been supplying all of the food.
Yesterday, I asked Hudson Related's David Kramer, developer of Riverwalk Point:
I understand there was a gas leak at Riverwalk 480 Main Street and that residents have been without gas service for the last 10 days.

Also, due to the gas leak, residents have not been able to cook.

Is that true?

Any statement from Hudson Related on matter including when there will be a return to normal gas service.
Mr. Kramer replied:
We determined that some gas piping needed to be replaced in the gas meter room of Riverwalk Point. The work itself doesn't take particularly long, but there is extensive coordination necessary with both DOB and Con Ed. In the meantime, we've been providing some light fare for the residents at breakfast and dinner to minimize their inconvenience, and we've handed out free electric hot plates for resident use. Needless to say, we are communicating with residents daily about the progress of the coordinating efforts with the agencies.
Riverwalk Point opened on Roosevelt Island in the summer of 2015. Hudson Related plans 2 more buildings (Riverwalk 8 &9) to complete the Riverwalk development in Southtown. Mr Kramer described the placement of Buildings 8 & 9 from the top of Riverwalk Point

during its 2014 construction topping out ceremony.