Saturday, October 20, 2007

Roosevelt Island Tram Ride

Since I have been blogging alot about the Roosevelt Island Tram recently, I thought it appropriate to take readers along for a ride. Roosevelt Islanders, myself included, often do not appreciate what a marvelous experience it is to ride the Tram. I was reminded of this earlier today as I talked with some tourists taking the Tram and they remarked how spectacular the Tram ride is.

For more Tram Videos click on the Roosevelt Island Tram links on the right side of the page for day and night views as well as music by U2 and Hellogoodbye.

You Tube link is here.


Sung Meister said...

Riding a tram can really tire you out during rush hour.
Especially when you are in need to go to a restroom and the tram gets stuck mid-air for 10~15 minutes...

That happened to me few times...

But other than that, it has been one of the best experiences :Þ