Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jogging on Roosevelt Island

Ever wondered what it was like to run or jog around Roosevelt Island? Blogging triathlete Swim, Bike Run Race describes his January run from Astoria to and around Roosevelt Island.

...the short bridge connecting Queens and Roosevelt Island is currently facing renovations, so I trek across under a canopy of plastic as seen to the left. At this point, I'm feeling quite good; the crisp sub-20 degree air is more refreshing than chilling.
Heading south along the East side of the island, I cross under the Queensboro Bridge and turn back for a rather beautiful shot of one of the city's major borough connectors. In more temperate weather, I hit the Queensboro Bridge to embark on my long bike rides in Central Park.

At the South end of the island, I head toward the West side of the island with a great view of some of Manhattan's East side landmarks, including the U.N. building. Roosevelt Island's South end is currently a wasteland of overgrown weeds and razor
wire. However, there are plans for a Spring 2008 park opening so that is definitely something to look forward to.

You Tube 360 Roosevelt Island Southpoint Park View from StrahlemannBE

I hit the four-mile marker and turn right up the West side of Roosevelt Island. I hop off the pavement and run on the grass for a while with bare trees hanging overhead on both sides. Despite the rather unattractive hospital facility to my right, the tree branches connect overhead to form a picturesque canopy - in New York, we take beauty where we can get it!

Video of Coler-Goldwater Hospital from Roosevelt Island 360

At mile five, it's time to refuel. I'm feeling great, keeping up a quick pace and getting a kick out of the side mission of photographing my run. Fuel of choice today is strawberry banana-flavored Powerbar Gel, a personal favorite.

The West side of Roosevelt Island offers both a nice view of Manhattan as well as a few comical artistic displays, as shown to the right. There are a handful of these statues emerging from the river. They're funny and it's always nice to check out some art when you're cruising along on a run.

Marriage of Real Estate and Money Image from Tom Otterness

The North point is one of the main reasons I love coming to Roosevelt Island despite the eery zombie-movie architecture, constant construction and general lack of human life. When you get to the point where you can't move any further North, you hit this fascinating little lighthouse and a great spot to get a real 360-degree perspective of New York City: Manhattan to the left, Queens to the right and the TriBoro Bridge looming in the distance. Of course, there's water all around and for me, that's a huge positive.

You Tube 360 Roosevelt Island Lighthouse View from StrahlemannBE

Heading back down the East side of the island toward the sun provides yet another fleeting glimpse of beauty. I'm in the home stretch now, hitting mile six as I cross over the footbridge and back into Queens.
If you are coming from Manhattan, take the Roosevelt Island Tram from 59th Street and 2nd Avenue over to Roosevelt Island and head either South to Southpoint Park or North to Lighthouse Park. The F train also stops here. For those wanting to run all the way to Roosevelt Island from Manhattan, take the pathway on the 59th Street ( Queensboro) Bridge over Roosevelt Island to Queens. Make your way back towards the East River and then take Vernon B'lvd through Long Island City to 36th avenue and go over the Roosevelt Island Bridge. Now you're on Roosevel Island!
Maybe you will even find some human life over here.


Anonymous said...

This is one thing I absolutely love about Roosevelt Island. If you love to run all you need is put on your gear, go downstairs, warm up, and run around the island. No need to get to a park or run through street or sidewalk traffic. If it wasn't for living here I would not be working out as religiously as I do it now (I hate going to the gym or do any kinds of indoor work-out).