Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If Shutdown of Roosevelt Island Tram Causing Heartache For Romance - Try The Gun Club Instead

The shutdown of the Roosevelt Island Tram may even be causing problems for a group of people besides Roosevelt Island residents commuting to and from Manhattan. As readers of this Valentine's day post may recall, the Roosevelt Island Tram was named the second most romantic spot in New York City by Travel Lady Magazine and has also become a popular part of a date. But now, in the Trams absence, what is a couple to do instead?

It is obvious that descending the long climb down the stairs into the bowels of the 63rd and Lex subway station to catch the F train to Roosevelt Island hardly compares to the magnificent views experienced while gliding high over the East River in the Tram and would make a pretty awful date. So now, as a temporary alternative, why not try a visit to the West Side Rifle and Pistol Range in Chelsea as did this reporter from SlateV.com. One women described the experience as the best date she's ever been on. Others saw it as a girls night out with a Charlie' Angels theme.

But don't forget to come back to the Tram once it is back in service. The trip is marvelous. Here's a nightime Roosevelt Island Tram ride with Hellogoodbye's "Oh it is love" and a daytime tram ride with U2.


Anonymous said...

A 20 year old kid commited suicide there a few weeks ago. His father worked for the UN.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good place to meet pretty girls. Maybe next time she can go to wherever that guy got his tattoos.

Anonymous said...

bwa hahaha; do you really think the powers that be WANT that insipid tram to operate? no; to them it became obsolete when the subway opened. watch- in a few months they will find some "troubling" problem that requires 47 years to properly repair and then they will cease operations "until further notice".

you'll see...in a couple of years the tram will be like the parachute ride at coney island- little more than a hulking memorial to itself.