Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nonno's Focacceria - Not DiFara's or No. 28, But Italy and Roosevelt Islander Still Think It's Pretty Good!

You Tube video of Di Fara's Pizza in Midwood Brooklyn

Our Italian correspondent Alain chimes in on off-Island pizza by highly recommending No.28 on Carmine Street.
N.28 is at the very top of the Pizza rankings. I go there often.
But still I go to Nonno Pizza as well... And so do all the Italians I know.
Very very far away from N.28's level, but not below the average Pizza quality you can find around Manhattan.
I haven't been there since last summer but my personal favorite is DiFara's in Brooklyn, though as does Alain, I also like Roosevelt Island's six month old Nonno's. Nonno's square Grandma's Pie with meatballs is excellent. Try it, the cheese is very good. Of course, it does not compare to DiFara's. Very few do.

On a hot July day last year, my niece and I waited over an hour for a DiFara's pizza pie. As we were waiting, we felt kind of silly standing around in a hushed, almost cult-like atmosphere of hungry pizza fanatics watching Dom make each pie. But just as we were about to give up and leave, our pizza was done. It was great, unbelievable and worth the wait - at least once a year. Here's a round up of news about DiFara's from Slice and Gridskipper's 2007 top ten New York pizza places.