Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some Hope For Residents Use of Roosevelt Island Playing Fields Over Corporate Zog

Sign at Capobianco Field

An issue of great concern and resentment by many Roosevelt Islanders has been RIOC's policy that use of the Roosevelt Island playing fields is by permit only. The result of this policy has been that these fields are rented out to corporate groups and leagues, such as Zog, effectively locking out resident adults and children from using these fields during prime playing hours.

This subject came up at the RIOC Board Nominee Candidate's Forum as reported by Press HD.

Responding to these concerns RIOC has developed a schedule that permits residents to use the fields without permits.
Read this document on Scribd: riplayingfieldavailability

Green = Available for Residents
Red = Permitted Out

I do not know if the playing times for residents without permits is available only so long as these times are not permitted out to Zog and others or if these playing times are precluded from being reserved by permits.


mushr00m said...

"Corporate Zog?" Zog is anything but corporate.


Zog may not be "corporate" but they are an organized league that dominates a great deal of playing time on Roosevelt Island fields during prime times preventing residents from using the fields. I am not saying preclude organized leagues from using Roosevelt Island but keep at least one field available at all times for unscheduled pick up games or any other active use by anyone on a first come basis.