Monday, July 2, 2012

A Surprise Roosevelt Island Tram Wedding Proposal Today - Roosevelt Island Is For Lovers

 Image Of Roosevelt Island Tram Wedding Proposal

Had a very nice and unexpected experience on the Roosevelt Island Tram earlier today. While coming home to Roosevelt Island on the Tram, about a dozen Roosevelt Islanders, including myself, witnessed a young man announcing that today was his girlfriend's birthday.

Tram passengers applauded and wished the young woman a Happy Birthday. Then the boyfriend asked if anyone had flowers that he could give to her. A strange looking man with an even stranger looking beard promptly handed over a bouquet of flowers he was carrying. Then the boyfriend asked if anyone had a birthday balloon he could give to his girlfriend. This time a female passenger happened to have a birthday balloon and gave the balloon to the Birthday Girl.

If you think this was a bit more than just a coincidence you are right because the young man had arranged the Roosevelt Island Tram birthday surprise of flowers and balloons for his girlfriend. But he was not finished yet. Seconds later he got down on his knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him. She said yes. Everybody applauded and congratulated the couple.

With their permission, here's a small bit of what happened.

Roosevelt Island is for lovers. It's a great place for proposals, weddings (here and here) and the Tram was voted the second most romantic spot in New York City.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Happy Couple!!!!!


Christopher Scott Knell said...

Wow... don't know if that's a first for the Tram... (Is it? Can't be. Could it?) but it certainly is Great!

CheshireKitty said...

Wow - wonderfully romantic!  Special!  Congratulations to the couple!  

Najeeb said...

a great romantic surprise ! Wish this couple have more love for each other than today for the rest of the life. Congratulations.

Sadia said...

Congratulations to my dearest son and my beautiful daughter in law to be.
Wishing you happiness and a life full of love and pleasant surprises.
love you

VEK wedding photographer said...


Ovidiu Opresco said...

My Best Wishes!

Island Pete said...


jenniferbrace0 said...

That was something special! I hope they find the best wedding venues Long Island.

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Schehrezade Khan said...

It was a first. I'm the girl that said yes :) we researched it extensively.

Schehrezade Khan said...

Thank you :)