Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Roosevelt Island 2014 Summer Outdoor Movie Series At Southpoint Begins June 28 With Disney Flick Frozen - Theme For This Year Is Heroes,Here's The Schedule - UPDATE, MOVIE LOCATION MOVED TO FIREFIGHTERS FIELD

Image Of 2012 Roosevelt Island Southpoint Park Movie Showing of Captain America By Irina Hage

According to Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Charlene Indelicato, the Roosevelt Island 2014 Outdoor Summer Movie Series at Southpoint Park starts Saturday June 28 with the showing of the Disney animated movie Frozen. Ms. Indelicato reports:
Summer Movie Series
RIOC’s annual Outdoor Summer Movie Series will begin on Saturday, June 28 with a screening of Disney’s hit animated film Frozen. This year’s theme is “Heroes,” focusing on characters who overcome impossible odds. The planned screening schedule is as follows:

Saturday, June 28: Frozen
Friday, July 11: Thor: The Dark World
Saturday, July 12: The Avengers
Saturday, July 26: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Saturday, August 9: The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
Saturday, August 23: Goldfinger
The RIOC Board approved Rooftop Films as the vendor for the Soutpoint Park Outdoor Movie Series during May 15 Directors Meeting (full web cast of meeting is here). According to this April 25, 2014 RIOC Staff Memorandum to the RIOC Board:
This year, the Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie Series will be entering into its 7th year and has become a popular annual favorite of the Roosevelt Island community. This much-loved tradition has brought together crowds of as many as 700 people to watch movies together under the stars. The size and nature of these events calls for a spacious, open and attractive site, and the events have taken place at several different locations over the years. Screenings originally took place at the southernmost tip of the island (now Four Freedoms Park), Firefighters Field and most recently, the newly redesigned Southpoint open space. As one of the first events to take place in this location, the Movie Series has paved the way for more programming in this community space....

...Based on the fact that Rooftop Films were the only bid submitted combined with their favorable pricing, prior experience, and flawless service provided for the past three years at the Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie Series event, it is recommended that the contract be awarded to Rooftop Films for the amount of $12,500/per year...
The full memorandum with complete details is here.

UPDATE 6/1 - From RIOC:

UPDATE 7/24 - According to RIOC:
The location of the RIOC Summer Outdoor Movie Series has changed. The remaining three movies will be shown at Firefighter's Field on Saturday, July 26th; Saturday, August 9th; and Saturday, August 23rd. Shuttle service for seniors and those with limited mobility will not be provided; however, the Red Bus will make stops at the R.I. Senior Center and at Firefighter's Field as part of its regular service. Please see the attached poster for scheduled movies and rain date information, or visit our website at .


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group


Frank Farance said...

NotMyKid: My understanding of the Island House incident was that the tenant had left the door unlocked. Locking one's door, along with other precautions PSD has recommended, help prevent crime. I've see a poster in the Red Bus that summarizes these recommendations.

CheshireKitty said...

Reminding people to keep their doors locked as a crime-prevention measure is like telling people to stay home so they don't run the risk of getting robbed if they go out. That scenario leads to the law-abiding people locked in their apartments, because criminals are allowed to roam the island and our buildings, bopping residents over the head with beer bottles, or trying doors in apartment hallways, at will. That scenario means we're supposed to accept that we're only safe if we're locked into our apartments, because our security can't be assured either in our building hallways or on the street.

The problem isn't with the law-abiding people, Should walking down the street minding your own business be considered risky? Should we accept that walking down our hallways, or being in our apartments, is risky?

The problem is not with the law-abiding residents of RI. They should not be blamed for walking down the street, or living in their apartments - as if it is their law-abiding behavior that somehow "brings on" crime. The law-abiding residents of RI should not be blamed for the crime wave.

PSD should call a Town Hall meeting to discuss the law enforcement measures that it is taking to ensure the safety of Roosevelt Islanders.

Frank has long complained about the utilization of the PSOs - we know that a number of additional PSOs were recently hired. Why aren't these PSOs patrolling the street and performing vertical patrols? Are they investigating video tapes of prowlers in buildings? Is there any ongoing investigation underway re the recent incidents either by the NYPD or the PSD?

Resident concerns must not be brushed off by the PSD - we all already know that we need to be alert, lock our doors, and so forth. Are we supposed to sit in fear in our locked apartments because the street and even our building hallways are out of control? Because that's what it sounds like we're being told by PSD.

MBM said...

Does anyone know what exactly happened at 30 River Road? That's my building.

NotMyKid said...

I was not a fan of guerra. I do not want to shine light on his administration.

I do know that if you do not have some enforcement, even quality of life enforcement, the youth take it as absolute weakness and will overtake the island. When I say youth I'm talking about the teens and older crowd.

Ever hear of the broken windows theory? If you let small things go, they progress into big things. If you crack down on the smaller issues, you have a greater chance at reclaiming order and stopping bigger crimes from happening.

Ask William Bratton. He was an expert in the broken windows theory.

It's a fact of life. The officers are unarmed, that already gives the delinquents firepower of weakness. Now you have your officers just being glorified security guards. That is now an absolute sign of weakness and they will run rampant all over the island.

The weather is just starting to get a little warm. You will see folks. This summer is going to be a nightmare.

If I was a betting man. I am guessing minimum of 1 shooting or firearm incident. Numerous gang fights. Calls for drug use up the ying yang and overall calls for disorderly youth will be at an all time high.

NotMyKid said...

There is no point in having officers perform verticals if they cannot perform enforcement on what they find.

If they find some guys smoking weed in a staircase and they do not belong, they need to be arrested for marijuana and trespassing. Not just tell them to scram for the 100th time because your boss told you to let things go.

PSD has become a glorified dial 911 calling center. Back in the day, we handled the jobs, whatever it was. Now, just sit back and call 911. Let nypd handle it.

How's that working out?

Zero proactive measures equal crime.

OldRossie said...

I agree it's going in the direction you say, so what would be your solution?

YetAnotherRIer said...

36 River Road is the Pool Club and could have been the correct address.

NotMyKid said...

Revamp PSD. Give additional training and let them do community policing, but at the same time, perform policing duties.

If there is something wrong, fix it. Be a law enforcement professional and fix it. At some point you are going to have to take enforcement action against people, especially repeat violators.

Just look at the reports lately. Minuscule amount of enforcement. The officers hands are tied. Rioc/McManus does not want the officers to do any proactive policing.

Too scared and jilted to let them do their law enforcement jobs. Their idea is to just call 911 and let nypd handle it. Nypd comes, take a report and vanishes to the next 911 call wherever it may be.

Take action. Take back the community. Perform enforcement. Set a precedent to the perps that PSD is watching and paying attention to violations and criminal acts.

The perps are not stupid. They know PSD is handcuffed. They know there is no enforcement to be done, not even criminal court summonses are to be issued.

Broken windows theory does not exist. Enforcement is non existent. It's sad.

McManus and his community policing nonsense with zero enforcement is hurting the community and PSD moral dramatically.

Former PSD said...

I agree with NotMyKid. Things on R.I. are out of control. I came by to visit some of my former co-workers for dinner, and this place has definitely changed for the worse. The officers have received no training since Guerra left. They have not gotten one new vehicle or Segway or Bicycle. They have no authority to do their jobs anymore, and the crime rate is going up. It has become a lifeless department with low morale. This community won't have to worry about getting rid of anyone, because everyone is looking to leave, if they haven't done so already. It's really a shame.

I'm now with the NYPD, and my current colleagues from the 114th Pct. have even noticed the change. So, I guess this community has finally gotten what it wanted, a department of Security Guards and rising crime.