Sunday, July 1, 2012

Good Times At Southpoint Park Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie Showing Of Captain America Last Night

Image Of Roosevelt Island Southpoint Park Movie Showing of Captain America By Irina Hage

I was not able to attend last night's Roosevelt Island Outdoor Movie Showing of Captain America at Southpoint Park (returning to Southpoint Park after being held at Firefighters Field for the last several years) but residents Jordan Riley and Irina Hage were in attendance. I asked them how was it and what they thought of the new venue?

Ms. Riley shares this photo from the evening

Image From Jordan Riley

and reports:
There were around 100+ people, and yes it seemed well organized with multiple snacks available for purchase and chairs for attendees. It seemed to be a better location than last year with better views around the screen and better suited for viewing the movie.
Ms. Hage adds:
it was a really wonderful evening, the location is wonderful,

Image From Irina Hage

you can always see the skyline with the Empire State Building.

Image From Irina Hage

That evening they had red-white-red lighting - it looked like RIOC had ordered it ...

The site is much smaller

Image From Irina Hage

than from last year, but though it crowded a bit,

Image From Irina Hage

it had much more atmosphere sitting completely within a park.

Image From Irina Hage

As in last year we used some mosquito spray.
Here's the remaining schedule for the Roosevelt Island Summer Outdoor Movie Series:
July 7th- Grease
July 20th- Tangled
July 21st- The Help
August 4th- Lion King
August 11th- Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows