Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Con Edison coolNYC Wifi Smart Air Conditioning Program Keeps You Comfortable, Saves Money And Protects NYC Energy Grid, Give It A Try - Also Run By A Roosevelt Island Resident

It's very, very hot here on Roosevelt Island recently and we're not even in the dog days of August yet. Roosevelt Island resident Meera Tandon has an offer for you to efficiently control your air conditioner this summer, reduce your costs and help the New York City energy grid.

Ms. Tandon is the Program Manager for  Con Ed's coolNYC program. According to coolNYC:
This summer, New Yorkers with window ACs don’t have to come home to a sauna or an icebox after being out all day. No longer do they have to decide between leaving the AC unit off or on while they are out. Instead, they can join coolNYC, the popular window air conditioner program that offers users technology to control their AC temperature and turn any room air conditioner on/off remotely via their computer or smartphone. The program is returning to Con Edison customers in 2015 with more ways for New Yorkers to save energy, earn rewards, and stay cool.

coolNYC, a Con Edison program offered in partnership with ThinkEco, allows New Yorkers to work together to ensure the reliability of NYC’s electric grid. Customers who join coolNYC can control their room AC from anywhere and earn coolPoints through participation in coolNYC Events. During an event, coolNYC will temporarily reduce the customer’s AC energy use. coolNYC Events will generally take place when the electric grid is under strain, typically on very hot days...

... Con Edison estimates there are over 6 million window air conditioners in New York City, accounting for 20 percent of peak summertime electricity demand. On a hot summer day, the strain on the electric grid can be immense, doing your part to reduce energy use can make a big difference with only a small, temporary temperature adjustment.

During a coolNYC Event, the coolNYC program may turn your AC on and off periodically or change your AC to a slightly higher thermostat setting to reduce power usage. Events typically last for four hours and can occur between three and 10 times per summer. Customers will receive notifications based on their preferences in advance of each event. If needed, a customer can override the temperature adjustment and choose not to participate in a coolNYC Event....
Ms. Tandon adds:
The coolNYC program helps customers try technology to convert their normal air conditioner into a “smart” AC.

The now “smart” AC can be turned ON/OFF and temperatures set from a smartphone or other mobile device via a free App that works with both Android and iOS

How does it work? The normal AC plugs into a WiFi plug adapter called a Smart AC Kit (it works with just about any room or window AC)

The Smart AC Kit also comes with remote thermostat and a wattage meter to measure energy usage

Customers can “Try” up to 2 Smart AC Kits for the summer. If customers like the devices and use the devices to participate in the program, they get to keep the devices at no charge for future summers!

Many customers love the technology the program provides. It brings increased convenience, comfort, and saving:
  • They can create schedules so the AC turns on at specific times (like when the kids are coming home)
  • They can have different temperature settings throughout the day (maybe to keep the pets cool while you are at work)
  • They can use it to turn ON the AC while en route (like while sitting on the F train or riding the Tram)
  • They can monitor usage of their ACs in multiple rooms throughout the house (see how much their kids are using)
All of these things you can control and manage from the free App.

With our program, customers can also earn rewards for participating and getting others to participate. The rewards are called coolPoints redeemable for gift cards from national retailers like Amazon and Tango.
  • For example, you earn $10 in coolPoints just for getting your device connected online
  • You can earn another $10 in coolPoints for referring a friend who also gets connected online
  • And you can earn $5 in coolPoints for each “heat event” you participate in.
Here's how a smart Think Eco AC Kit can be set up. Con Edison set up may be different.

More information on coolNYC Smart AC Kit here and you can sign up here.