Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015 Year End Update On Cornell Tech Roosevelt Island Campus Construction - Bloomberg Academic, Residential, Co-Location Buildings Going Up, Roadwork And Utilities Making Progress

Here's the latest Cornell Tech Roosevelt Island campus construction update:
December 20 - January 1 Look Ahead

Roadwork and Central Utility Plant – At the CUP, a major milestone will be reached as the roof waterproof membrane nears completion. Installation of the roof top mechanical units, the backup generator, and the transformers will be completed in the first week of this period. Block work continues on the ground floor. Once the transformers are placed, concrete stairs into the transformer vaults will be formed and poured. Plumbing on the ground floor is ongoing. In the vault, utility rack placement and conduit installation continues. Existing gas line abatement will continue on the west roadway, preceding telecom, storm, and electric line installation.

Co-Location Building – At CoLo, steel erection continues and installation of the metal decking is ongoing. The first floor metal deck will be fastened and prepped for the concrete slab floor, which will occur in the beginning of the next period.

Residential Building – At the Residential Building, as the superstructure continues to rise, coordinated work with interior utility installation is ongoing with sleeves, pipes and conduits being cast in place. The superstructure will start on the deck of the 12th floor in the beginning of this period and will be forming the deck for the 16th floor by the beginning of the New Year. The loading dock and hoist will be fully operational at the start of this period. CMU block masonry is underway on the 2nd floor and will also begin on the 3rd floor by the end of this period.

Bloomberg Center – Steel erection on the mechanical floor will continue in this period. Temporary lighting will be installed on the second floor and the grounding loop around the building perimeter is scheduled to continue through this period. The metal decking is being prepped in anticipation of beginning the superstructure floor slab concrete pours which will begin in this period.

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