Friday, May 20, 2016

SPONSORED POST - Summer Is Almost Here, Roosevelt Island Residents Are Invited To Join The Manhattan Park Swim Club With 60 Foot Pool And Sun Deck Opening May 28, Sign Up Now

All Roosevelt Island residents are invited to join the Manhattan Park Swim Club.

Hot Summer Cool Pool

Manhattan Park’s amazing 60’ pool, swim club and sun deck opens on May 28th and any Roosevelt Island resident can join the island’s most talked-about summer scene.

Sign Up Now.

Where: Manhattan Park Management

Office, 30 River Road, Roosevelt Island

Questions: 212.759.8660

The street artist Hot Tea has created a colorful Public Art project with the Manhattan Park pool. 

12ozProphet Presents Hot Tea's "Asylum" from 12ozprophet on Vimeo.

You can enjoy Special Events like this 2014 Miami Vice Pool Party.

"Residents" fees listed below are for those who live at Manhattan Park. "Non Resident" fees are for everyone else.

Please contact Manhattan Park for more information 212.759.8660
UPDATE 5/26 - The Manhattan Park Pool Membership Fee Schedule is revised below. Fees are the same for Roosevelt Island residents. Non-Roosevelt Island residents pay more.