Thursday, August 30, 2018

Roosevelt Island Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance Auditions For Studio Class Production Of Oh What A Lovely War Musical Saturday September 8

Roosevelt Island's Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance (MST&DA)  is holding auditions for their Theatre Studio Class production of Oh What A Lovely War.

According to MST&DA

Roosevelt Island's Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance 2019 Adult* Musical Theatre Studio Class Production of OH WHAT A LOVELY WAR

Show dates: March 29 - 31

*Teens are welcome to audition as well...

MST&DA adds:
Important Details & Preparation Information

Audition Date:​ Saturday, September 8

Location:​ Howe Theatre, Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance Roosevelt Island Cultural Center, 548 Main Street

Time 10AM - 2PM

Audition deposit​: $50, which will be applied to the $475 tuition for the class. Scholarship and Work Study opportunities are available. ​To apply go​ to our scholarship page at

Key Details:

Sign up for a slot at 10AM, with your completed Audition Form. The Audition Form can be found on the website.

We are looking for a company of actors** who sing and move well and are not afraid to do some dialect work! You will be asked to sing ​one​ of six selections from the show and read a side from the show (see below information and links to music and sides on website). There is also a group Callback scene that everyone should become familiar with.

**Union actors are welcome to join as well since this is an educational theatre class.

Audition Preparation and Materials

If you wish to audition, please register online and pay the $50 deposit or select “pay later” and we can take the deposit or full class tuition on September 8th. Materials for audition prep can be found on the audition webpage

The music for the song selections can be found on the website. Memorization of your song is recommended, but not required. Here is a YouTube link to the original London recording: ​​ Song start points are noted below.
5:45 “Belgium Put the Kibosh on the Kaiser” first verse and chorus
9:36 “I’ll Make a Man of You” first verse and chorus
19:37 “Good-bye-ee” first verse and chorus
31:58 “When This Lousy War is Over (No More Soldiering for Me)” first verse 36:55 “Keep the Home Fires Burning” first verse and chorus
40:43 “And When They Ask Us” entire song, parody lyrics...
According to the British Library:
Oh What a Lovely War was created by visionary director Joan Littlewood and her Theatre Workshop ensemble in 1963. It was inspired by a Charles Chilton radio series that combined statistics about the First World War with versions of songs from the time in which new lyrics about the war were set to hymns and music hall hits. Littlewood’s partner and collaborator Gerry Raffles had the initial idea to adapt Chilton’s show for the stage. Littlewood was resistant at first, but eventually warmed to the idea...
Below is a sample from a British production of Oh What A Lovely War

and here's how you get to MST&DA at 548 Main Street.

Click here for more info on MST&DA auditions for Oh What A Lovely War.