Monday, August 27, 2018

Watch Video Of NYPD 114 Precinct Commander Talking To Roosevelt Island Community This Evening About Waterfront Promenade Shooting At UES Building

Earlier this evening, NYPD 114 Precinct Commander Deputy Inspector Osvaldo Nunes

Image From Frank Farance

spoke to members of the Roosevelt Island community

Image From Frank Farance

at the Manhattan Park Theater Club about the recent arrest  of waterfront promenade shooting suspect.

Deputy Inspector Nunes tried to put the assembled residents at ease initially by reporting that statistically, Roosevelt Island:
... is probably the safest part of the 114 precinct...
before talking about the shooting suspect. According to Deputy Inspector Nunes:
... The individual was arrested. He was arraigned in Manhattan court. Bail was set. He is out.

He lives on this Island. I don't think we will have any more problems from him.  He does have an extensive arrest history. 17 priors. Some of them are violent, robberies and such.

He does belong to a crew. A crew is interchangeable with a gang. I refer to them as crews because gangs are a little bigger. ...  Crews are usually more local, they cover a couple of blocks. There is one crew we track on this Island but is largely inactive....
Deputy Inspector Nunes said the the suspect was trying to impress his girlfriend by firing the gun which has not been recovered.

Here' is the presentation by Deputy Inspector Nunes.

Following the presentation, Deputy Inspector Nunes answered questions from residents. 

Will post more video of the Q&A tomorrow as update.

UPDATE 8/28 - More Q&A with Deputy Inspector Nunes - there were six calls of gunshots heard on Roosevelt Island this year. 5 were unfounded, fireworks or some other loud noise. (No microphones were used so some audience questions are difficult to hear but the responses from Deputy Inspector Nunes are loud and clear)