Monday, April 19, 2021

Candidate To Represent Roosevelt Island And UES As Democratic Party 76 Assembly District Part A Leader Rebecca Weintraub Meets And Speaks To RI Residents At Saturday Farmers Market, Watch Video Interview Of What She Has To Say

Rebecca Weintraub is a candidate to represent Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side as Democratic Party 76 Assembly District Part A Leader. Last Saturday, April 16, Ms Weintraub was at the Roosevelt Island Farmers market meeting and speaking with residents about her campaign and local issues of concern.

Meet Rebecca Weintraub.

Ms Weintraub's website reports:

As your District Leader, Rebecca will work to ensure that the New York County Democratic Party remains transparent, accountable, and responsive to our community’s needs. She will advocate for building a diverse and inclusive county leadership structure that stays true to our Party’s core progressive values. The position of District Leader is especially important in Part A of the 76th Assembly District because Roosevelt Island is controlled by the New York State government through the Roosevelt Island Operating Company (RIOC)....

According to Manhattan Democrats:

A District Leader is an unpaid volunteer elected official. All formal parties in New York State are required to have at least one District Leader (DL) per Assembly District (AD). These positions are subject to primary elections every two years. This ostensibly guarantees that any party with formal status in New York State (e.g. a permanent ballot line) is democratically governed by its members. In essence, the District Leader is the representative of the party members in their district to that political party’s apparatus. 

From part one of Paul Newell’s “What’s a District Leader?“...

More info on Ms Weintraub availablle at her website

Esther Yang is also running for Democratic Party 76 Assembly District Part A Leader. Meet her too.