Monday, May 10, 2021

Manhattan District Attorney Candidate Dan Quart Meets And Speaks With Roosevelt Island Residents Last Saturday At Nisi Restaurant - Watch Video Of What He Says About Criminal Justice Reform And Longstanding Relationship With RI Residents And Issues

According to the NY Times:

The race to become Manhattan’s next district attorney is shaping up to be one of the most important in decades, a watershed contest that is likely to fundamentally change the mission of the prominent office and may affect the future of former President Donald J. Trump. 

Yet the eight candidates are all relative unknowns, and, with no public polling, there is no clear front-runner. The victor is likely to win the general election in November without having received a majority of votes in the Democratic primary.

Dan Quart is among the candidates seeking to replace Cy Vance as Manhattan District Attorney. According to Mr Quart's website:

Dan Quart is a New York State Assembly Member representing Manhattan’s East Side and one of New York City’s top pro-bono attorneys. A Washington Heights native, Dan grew up in subsidized housing with his working-class parents. His dad, Irving, was a public school teacher for 41 years, and his mother, Madeline was a guidance counselor at a Manhattan public school. Irving and Madeline instilled the value of service to others and giving back to the community in Dan from a young age.

After graduating from SUNY Binghamton and St. John's School of Law, Dan defended tenants’ rights and public lands as a pro bono attorney. Volunteering with the Legal Aid Society, Dan represented rent controlled and stabilized tenants who were facing eviction by unscrupulous developers. He has also served as an 18-b criminal defense attorney. 

Through his legal work, Dan witnessed the harmful failings of New York’s justice system for Black, indigenous, and people of color and low-income communities. Since being elected in 2011 to the New York State Assembly, he’s been a staunch advocate for criminal justice reform and fighting for working families. 

Dan is running for Manhattan District Attorney to hold police brutality accountable, fight white supremacy, end cash bail and mass incarceration, review wrongful convictions, stop the criminalization of poverty, and offer more alternatives to jail or prison....

Mr. Quart has been involved with Roosevelt Island issues since 2004 when he represented Eastwood residents (now Roosevelt Landings) pro bono during their Mitchell Lama privatization negotiations. 

Mr. Quart was at the Roosevelt Island Nisi Restaurant last Saturday speaking with residents about his run for Manhattan District Attorney and local issues. I spoke with him too. Here's what Mr Quart had to say.

Learn more about Mr Quart's campaign for Manhattan District Attorney, experience and views on criminal justice issues at his website.

 Mr Quart's opponents in the June 22 Manhattan District Attorney Democratic Party are:

The Gotham Gazette has more information on all the candidates for 2021 Manhattan District Attorney election.