Thursday, January 26, 2012

Are Pooping Pigeons Gone From Roosevelt Island F Train Subway Station? A Cleaner Subway Entrance, What Happened - Sonic Repellent System?

Image of Cleaner Roosevelt Island Subway Entrance Ceiling Today

Have you noticed the Roosevelt Island F Train Subway station entrance is much cleaner recently? There are less pigeons, less pigeon poop and the netting on the ceiling has been removed.

Do you remember what the Roosevelt Island F Train Subway used to look like - this:


Today, the ceilings are now relatively clean of pigeon poop and the disgusting netting is gone.

I've asked the MTA what was done to reduce the pooping pigeon problem and will report back when they answer.

Similar pooping pigeon problems plague neighborhoods throughout New York City.

You Tube Video of Pix News Pigeon Poop Patrol

The Bronx Times reports that at the Pelham Bay Subway Station the MTA:
... is installing systems to deter pigeons, such as spikes, repellent gel and a sonic repellent system. It also pledges to clean all pigeon droppings at the station and will install a “Do Not Feed the Pigeons”... sign.
Despite the cleaner Roosevelt Island subway station, the pigeons are not gone. I saw one up in the rafters this morning - just hanging out waiting for.....


YetAnotherRIer said...

I think they use some kind of audio based repellent. I assume the bird sounds I heard this morning in the station are similar to whatever predators pigeons have? There is also a white loudspeaker kind of thing mounted high up close to the ceiling windows. But, yes, except for the one or two stray pigeons it seems to be quite effective.