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Monday, December 2, 2013

What Is Delaying Release Of Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Audit? Further Delay Will Only Result In Charges Of Stonewalling And Cover Up Says RIRA Public Safety Chair - NY State Inspector General's Reports On RIOC Management And PSD Still Not Released Either

Image of Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Shield From RIOC

The Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department (PSD) Audit to review past practices and policies of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Department was scheduled to be released to the public last July. On several occasions since then, I have asked RIOC President Charlene Indelicato and RIOC Directors
... whether the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Audit, which was scheduled to be completed and released to the public in July,  has been completed yet.

If it has been completed, please send me a copy so I can publish on Roosevelt Islander and share with the community. If it has not been completed, does RIOC have any comment on why it is not completed and an anticipated date of completion?

Also, during the September RIRA meeting, you were asked about the NY State Inspector General (IG) reports on Roosevelt Island. At that time, you said you have not seen them yet.

Links to previous IG posts here and here.

Have you seen the NY State Inspector General's Report after the September RIRA meeting and if so, does RIOC have any comment on the IG Reports as well?...
Ms. Indelicato responds that:
don't have any information to give you - will do so when I get some
During the November 7 RIOC Board of Directors Meeting Public Session, Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Public Safety Committee Chair Erin Feely-Nahem asked the RIOC Board and President when the Public Safety Audit would be released to the public. Below is that portion of Ms. Feely-Nahem's testimony:
The PSC and myself in no way disregard or downplay what has been accomplished in moving forward around questions of constitutional rights and law enforcement on the Island or your role in that progress. Nevertheless, there are outstanding issues that remain unresolved and are, as it were, sitting in limbo.

 First, there is the unreleased Audit of the PSD, commissioned by RIOC and scheduled to be released this past July.

Although the PSC always questioned the Audit’s scope, which failed to focus on the legacy of abusive practices documented in the civilian complaints presented to the RIOC Board, or indicate in any way that the Officers involved in wrongdoing would be held accountable for their actions, we cooperated and encouraged our activists and victimized residents to be interviewed and participate in the process.

We have always felt that facts, once aired, and in the context of an aroused and organized community would be our greatest ally. It has been our expectation that the results would be, whatever the Audits limits in scale and scope, another factor, in conjunction with an open dialogue with RIOC, leading to positive change away from the dysfunctional policies and procedures identified.

The PSC has for several months now ceded to the RIOC Board, the respect of time. It is now public knowledge that a comprehensive draft was completed, which has been reviewed by the relevant authorities. Where is the final report? We understand that public release of the finalized audit will likely reveal a number of deficits in the structure, policy, and practices of the PSD and thus will probably be embarrassing politically to those in leadership roles during that time period. But it is better to put it out there, let the chips fall where they may, and move on. People want to know what is going on.

The PSC feels that further delay will only result in charges of stonewalling and cover up, and the political price paid will only be higher. At this point we fear that further delay may erode and damage the open and frank reputation that Charlene Indelicato is earning. President Indelicato is making great strides in the right direction with her policy of open dialogue with an easy back and forth being the norm. Only this week, when upon our review of the Public Safety Officer’s contract, to be voted on tonight, a clause was noticed which we felt could be detrimental to the development of a PSD we could all stand behind. When this issue was brought to President Indelicato’s attention, she was open to discussion. That evening I received an email informing me that the clause had been removed. The PSC sees this action as progress and acknowledges and appreciates the willingness demonstrated by both the PSD Officers Union and RIOC to hear our concern and to take appropriate action. Withholding the release of the Audit, a tool necessary for our progress to continue, will only damage and delay the positive relationship that s developing between the community and RIOC....
and the full video of her remarks.

As of today, still no word on when the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Audit and NY State Inspector General's

Reports will be released to the public.

What is going on?


YetAnotherRIer said...

So sad to see the blog becoming more and more like the NY Post or Daily News.

RooseveltIslander said...

Please elaborate on what you find fault with. If I agree will correct.

Bill Blass said...

Yes i went shopping on African American day

CheshireKitty said...

Erin and the blog are to be applauded for keeping these issues front and center. Also - taxpayer money was spent on paying for the audit. As such, the public should see what the audit says. Also, the public must be informed as to the result of the IG investigation. If there is not going to be an IG investigation, then we must be so advised.