Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Roosevelt Island Main Street Retail Lease Signed - Hudson Related Announces Union Medical Urgent Care Will Occupy Thrift Store Space

Roosevelt Island Retail Master Leaseholder Hudson Related has secured a new tenant for Main Street. An urgent care medical facility, Union Medical Urgent Care,

 Image Of Union Medical Urgent Care Queens Storefront From Video On Yelp

will be taking over the space (approximately 3800 sq. ft) currently occupied by Saint Cabrini Thrift Store.

 Image Of Roosevelt Island Thrift Shop From Across Main Street

Arianna Sacks-Rosenberg of Hudson Related Retail - Shops On Main reports:
We have a new lease signed with Precious Care Management LLC, an urgent care operator. The same operator owns an urgent care facility in Fresh Meadows called “Union Medical Urgent Care.” The tenant did a stellar fit out at the Fresh Meadows location and they are planning to do a similar fit out at this new location on Roosevelt Island. Hudson/Related is very excited about this new tenant and the new service they will bring to Roosevelt Island and Shops on Main. The new tenants have a 15 year lease with a 5 year option. Work will begin in the space once The Thrift Shop moves out, by the end of this August, and the new tenant’s drawings are approved and permits are issued.

Hudson/Related is working with the Thrift Store on a potential alternative location.
According to the Union Medical Urgent Care web site:
Union Medical Center is a state of the art Urgent Care facility in the heart of Queens, NY. We're open even when your doctor isn't and offer professional care with short wait times.
Facility Features
Most Insurances Accepted.
No appointment Needed.
Virtually No Wait Times.
Kid-Friendly Wait Area.
On Site Lab and Imaging.

Our Services
Digital X-ray Imaging
Workplace Physicals
Throat Cultures

Conditions Treated
Sore Throat.
Upset Stomach
Cuts and Brusies
Bone Injuries
As previously reported, Hudson Related's David Kramer will be providing the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Board of Directors Real Estate Advisory Committee an update on Main Street retail leasing activity today in a public meeting starting 4:30 PM at the Child School gymnasium.

An audio web cast of the meeting will be available soon thereafter.

More on urgent care medical facilities from the NY Times and AM New York.


MamaRobot said...

Will the thrift store be relocated?

APS said...

WOW, thought we were getting necessary retailers that would add value to our Island. There's a need for veterinary care much more than this!

CheshireKitty said...

(A) Has a lease been signed for a new tenant for the hardware store space?
(B) If not, maybe H-R will let the thrift shop have the hardware store space until a lessee is found for that space (?)

Westviewer said...

That's all they treat? Are the staff board-certified ER physicians? Is there a hospital affiliation?

Jean M. Shea said...

We have needed some kind of medical urgent care- mini ER center here for over thirty years.. Lots of medical conditions warrant urgent care!! It can be scary and too much to go over to an ER at Cornell Medical Center and wait for treatment there. Falls, sprains, breaks, x-rays needed, severe cases of the flu, etc. We have a lot of elderly residents, children, babies. Vet care would be good, too. We never had so many dogs over here as we do now...

Jean M. Shea said...

It will be interesting, I hope they are a high grade Urgent Care Center and there is a hospital affiliation.. I had hoped years ago, this island would have an Urgent Care center - mini E. R. I know City MD is very good, etc.. I was hoping Cornell would have opened something here years ago as a satellite mulit- specialty practice and Urgent Care Center- step down ER

CheshireKitty said...

Well, here are a couple of links re the new Urgent Care Center (UCC).

The Director of Operations is Chad Kaminetzky - a non-doctor with no prior experience at a health care setting listed on his Linked in page.

You can decide for yourself what you think of it. It is evidently not owned by a group of doctors.

More or less, this is a business that hires part-time doctors to deliver medical care, rather than an actual medical practice that specializes in emergency medicine, that would hire workers to take care of billing, HR work, medical records management, and so forth.

It's other facility - in Queens - has only been in existence since March 2014. That's why I was wondering why a 15 year lease was signed with this outfit as they hardly have a track record one way or another.

OldRossie said...

A larger facility wouldn't benefit on the island from the kind of business they'd get basically anywhere else in the city. This is better than nothing.

Westviewer said...

See my comment, above.

APS said...

It doesn't belong on Main Street. So far I have not been able to find and information on the business. They are not online and are not listed with the BBB. Many of these urgent care centers are filled with poor quality healthcare providers, and insurance scams. Since I have been on the Island since the late 70's I have not seen a need for this.

CheshireKitty said...

There isn't much info available about UMUC on line - I've listed a couple of links in my above comment. The want ad UMUC placed in the face book page of UMUC is the only information about doctors at UMUC: Evidently it's staffed by part-timers. If there was a full-time medical staff they would have undoubtedly listed the names/bios/photos of the doctor(s) working there.

Do you really think it might be a front for an insurance scam? Medical insurance fraud is a huge problem nationally. Do you think UMUC may obtain med ins info from patients and then file false claims?

Ratso123 said...

I think that a facility that people who are sick can go to adds value to Roosevelt Island.

CheshireKitty said...

Here is an app that "...shows you emergency rooms in your area sorted by average wait time."

CheshireKitty said...

Here's a good page from Blue Cross and Blue Shield re what symptoms or complaints do need the attention of a real ER vs when it's OK to go to a retail location, a stand-alone UCC, or walk-in to a doctor's office.