Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Welcome To Roosevelt Island Motorgate Garage (Vomitorium) Says RIRA Planning Committee Chair Frank Farance Showing Combination Of Bird Poop, Vomit, Urine, Broken Windows, Filthy Benches And More

Image From Frank Farance

A September 2 report was made to Roosevelt Island 311 See Click Fix concerning dirty and dangerous conditions at Motorgate Plaza:
Feces and garbage, dangerous broken glass window

Red Bus Stop At Gristedes/ Motorgate New York, New York
Next to bench is two broken glass window panes broken by a man in a wheelchair parked there all day. Dangerous for kids and dirty as well. He discards food and garbage as well as feces onto the floor all day. This is a serious health and safety hazard.
 Image Of Motorgate Atrium

Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Planning Committee Chair Frank Farance takes us on a tour of the Motorgate Garage and surrounding area. According to Mr. Farance:
... The RIOC Vomitorium (Motorgate) - A Welcome Mat To Visitors.

More RIOC incompetence: Visitors are welcomed to a combination of vomit, urine, excrement, dead animals, rotting food, broken windows, and filthy benches (some occupied by homeless people). There are urination steaks that run twenty feet long. There is bird poop every five feet (no exaggeration). And if you arrive via red bus at the Motorgate stops, be sure to avoid stepping in puke or bird poop

According to Wikipedia: The Latin word vomitorium, plural vomitoria, derives from the verb vomō, vomere, "to spew forth."

What is truly amazing is that RIOC lets this continue. It seems that they make a big fuss every couple years and power wash the place, but the area needs regular maintenance several times a week. The Motorgate staff washes the floors every day, which is why the floors inside the atrium are better maintained than outside, which is RIOC's responsibility. In other words, most other organizations seem able to clean their premises better than RIOC....

Take a walk with Mr. Farance through the Roosevelt Island Motorgate Garage area.

The Motorgate Atrium was power washed by RIOC last June.


YetAnotherRIer said...

"More RIOC incompetence..." To be fair here, this is the USA where no local government takes any good care (or no care at all) of public property and spaces. This is not RIOC specific at all.

Frank Farance said...

YetAnotherRIer: The point of the video is to show the disgusting filth people have to see everyday in Motorgate. RIOC is the problem because the Motorgate staff do a better job maintaining their area.

With the last power wash, according to Rick, in June 2013, is it your opinion that we should be accepting of this infrequent washing of this kind of disgusting filth?

The proportions of urine, feces, vomit, dead animals, etc. vary from site to site. Regardless of the exact proportions, for people walking by its a huge disgusting mess ... and pervasive everywhere RIOC is maintaining the property.

Note: I'm pretty tolerant of this kind of stuff, and I found myself
getting queasy after looking at the pictures/video, see full album at

Oh, and yes I do the denotative and connotative meanings of the word "vomitorium". The original title my E-mail (which got clipped from Rick's post) was "Spewing Forth: The RIOC Vomitorium (Motorgate) - A Welcome Mat To Visitors" and, via a play on words, acknowledged both senses of the word "vomitorium".

Janine said...

I agree the cleanliness of the Island is out of control. It's not just motorgate. All the pee is more than likely from dogs. Roosevelt Island is a place where dog owners feel they are all above the law and do not know how to curb their dogs. Especially along the buildings that are have covered walkways. The rain isn't washing the pee off the walls yet owners still allow there dogs to mark every inch of this Island. Many years ago when my daughter was a toddler she would walk up to every tree on Main Street and hug it. Mind the fact that there were only a handful of dogs living on the island at the time, because today I wouldn't let her even touch a tree knowing that all up and down that tree every dog on the island has lifted it's leg there. I wish dogs were never allowed onto the island. A huge shame to Island House and Westview, at one time dogs were never allowed in either building unless for special situations. A walk behind East Landings is like a stroll through Poop Alley. Dog owners don't follow
the basic rules, there are signs regarding no dogs allowed on the Capobianco Field, but yet there they are, no fines are ever given out so why should they stop! Yes it takes just one bad dog owner makes all island dog owners look bad. I love dogs but not here.
I just want to go to the green grass and lay down without having to worry about parasites from dog feces.

CheshireKitty said...

Sidewalk around Motorgate appeared to have been scrubbed today. So, Frank's complaints about filthy sidewalks did result in action!

"Us and Them" said...

Thank you for doing all this work!

Frank Farance said...

RIOC Vomitorium Part 2, a followup to: Spewing Forth: The RIOC Vomitorium (Motorgate) - A Welcome Mat To Visitors.

I wonder why David Kramer of Hudson-Related isn't complaining about the incompetence of RIOC. So you (RIOC) had complaint on See-Click-Fix in September, but did nothing, and you only reacted when I published this on the web in October. But you did a crappy job (no pun intended), and you did no follow-up, see the Before/After photos in the collection.

Now just to show you that this really is RIOC's incompetence, I've snapped a photo of inside the Motorgate atrium (the last photo in the collection), and you can clearly did the work of Central Parking staff (whose workers clean regularly yet are about 1/20th the size of RIOC), and RIOC-maintained property.

Although you can visit the full collection below, attached are a sampling of photos: (1) RIOC's lack of maintenance just leaves wet bird poop mush with tire tracks, (2-3) Before/After photos showing the lack of progress, (4) the 40-foot streak of bird poop that people get to walk through in the dark because no Motorgate lighting, (5) the very good job the Central Parking does with the same pigeons and poop.

Frank Farance



Captions of photo collection:

- Bird poop, moist from the Nth rain, fresh bike tracks.
- Yet another bird poop, moist from the Nth rain, fresh bike tracks.
- Here's a Before/After: "The Crosswalk Of Poop" reported in October 2014, and ...
- A month and a half later, "The Crosswalk Of Poop" is still there.
- 40-Foot Streak Of Bird Poop
- The long shot, 40-feet of it, and with the lights out at night, your only hint: stepping on something that's squishy.
- Get off the bus? Bird poop awaits your feet.
- One of the 50-ish clusters of bird poop, this one in the unlit Motorgate arcade.
- Waiting for rain is not a solution to the bird poop problem.
- Mystery Spew Outside Gristede's: Bird poop plus ... vomit, piss, etc.? Whatever it is, it stains and stays.
- More Bird Poop Around Motorgate at Gristede's Entrance
- More Mystery Spew. With the Red Bus temporarily relocated across the street, you can't blame passengers.
- More Motorgate Mystery Spew, Not Sure It Got Cleaned Up Right
- For whatever reason, RIOC seems unable to maintain its plazas.
- More plaza unmaintained by RIOC.
- Here's an area that's relatively clean: inside the Atrium, which is not maintained by RIOC, but by Central Parking staff. They actually wash the floors regularly. Big difference that what is just outside those doors: Motorgate Mystery Spew.