Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Randalls Island Golf Center Van Spotted On Roosevelt Island - Is Shuttle Service Coming to Driving Range or Just A Lost Driver On The Wrong Island?

Any Roosevelt Island golfers? Last Thursday, I saw this Randall's Island Golf Center van parked outside of the Riverwalk Landing building. At first, I thought this might mean that some sort of shuttle service is or will be available from Roosevelt Island to the Randall's Island golf driving range facility. But then the cold wind of reality set in. The more likely answer is that the driver was visiting or got lost and wound up on Roosevelt Island by mistake. I can hope but probably not.

There is nothing on the Golf Center's web site to indicate that any shuttle service from Roosevelt Island is available or planned and the on-site Related management personnel I spoke to have no information either, other than the van was spotted driving back and forth several times that day.

Prior to moving to Roosevelt Island, I often took the shuttle from Lexington & 86th. It was very convenient though more trips to the range did not improve my swing.

Though not very high up in the priority of Roosevelt Island needs, establishment of a shuttle service to the Driving Range from Roosevelt Island would certainly be a very nice amenity for golfers and batting cage users and might help Roosevelt Island Riverwalk condo sales as well as Octagon and other Roosevelt Island rentals.

See what we're missing?

You tube video of funny golf swings


Anonymous said...

that van isn't being used anymore. it was contracted by the old management. new minivan service makes several stops up and down third ave from 72-96 st, much more convenient.