Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whole Foods Market Coming Close To Roosevelt Island On 57th Street & Second Avenue - Just 2 Blocks From New Roosevelt Island Tram Station

Image From 250 E 57th

This post from August 2008 reported via NY Observer that Whole Foods signed on as the anchor retail tenant for a new mixed use development project to be located only minutes from the Roosevelt Island Tram Manhattan Station on 2nd Avenue and 57th Street. A Fine Blog via Curbed reports that demolition has recently begun on the project.
... It has begun, finally! The public/private venture of RFK (Robert K. Futterman) at 57th Street and Second Avenue is underway in earnest!

... As for Whole Foods? It looks pretty solid at this point, at least if you take the 250 East 57th Street website at face value.
Image Of Future 2nd Avenue 57th Street Whole Foods From A Fine Blog

According to Crains New York, the Second Avenue & 57 Street Whole Foods will open in in 2012.
... Whole Foods is planning to open in two years at the corner of East 57th Street and Second Avenue, a location considered too far south to impact the neighborhood....
Whole Foods close to Roosevelt Island in 2012 - just about the time that the Roosevelt Island Tram resumes service following the completion of the Modernization Program. (Just kidding about the Tram - It is supposed to be ready for service in six months, late August/early September 2010).

Now, if we can get a Trader Joe's close by - that would be heaven!