Thursday, May 29, 2014

Roosevelt Island Apartment Doubles As Art Gallery for Chaos Show At Roosevelt Landings Curated By Yu Su And Tianqi Chen - Is The Rock The New Bushwick/Williamsburg?

When you think of being on the cutting edge of the art world, does Roosevelt Island immediately come to mind? Maybe not, but two young residents of Roosevelt Landing thought to give it a try.

From the Roosevelt Island Twitterverse:

Art Fuse reports:
As Yue Su was finishing her Masters’ thesis (comparing and contrasting gallery models in China and the USA), she was also in the process of clearing out her apartment, with her roommate Tianqi Chen, for their near-future move. As the living room became more and more sparse an idea began to form. When they met Iris Xing, a photographer, and learned about her idea for an installation piece, the idea for their “Chaos” show, in their Roosevelt Island apartment, took root.

The idea of apartment galleries seems to be catching on in some cities in China, and New York City, as a statement against the corporate models under which some of the larger galleries are now being run. It’s also a protest against the process by which ‘famous’ artists are selected and promoted by the economically powerful galleries. Basically, apartment galleries are a protest against the rabid commercialism and lust for fame one often sees in contemporary art. A show like “Chaos” tries to refocus on meaning and connection and not on money or fame. At this show, I actually asked a couple artists what they would charge if someone wanted to buy their art. One said, “I don’t know.” Another said, “A buck.” So this apartment gallery show was more about community and the sharing of ideas and meaningful interaction than making a profit....
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Roosevelt Island - the new Bushwick/Williamsburg?