Thursday, September 29, 2016

Roosevelt Island Food Scrap Drop Off Compost Bin Saved Over 10 Tons Of Garbage From Landfills Since Last November, More Than 4 Thousand Families Participated - You Can Too Every Saturday At The Farmers Market NYC Compost Project Hosted By Big Reuse

The Roosevelt Island Garden Club (RIGC) updates us on the Roosevelt Island Big Reuse Food Scrap drop off composting project

located every Saturday morning to afternoon at the Farmers Market next to the Motorgate Garage.

According to the RIGC:

Thanks to all the Island residents and Island organizations who actively support our environment and our natural resources! Here is the latest news on the Roosevelt Island Food Scrap Drop Off to Compost site sponsored by NYC Compost hosted by BigReuse.

We are so glad to see news and listings whenever possible on the Roosevelt Islander blog, in RIOC facebook reports and all around the island.

Over 10 U.S. tons diverted from landfill (20,894 pounds!) Keep spreading the word!

Late November opening - Roosevelt Islanders dropped off 220 pounds of food scraps and by back to school September we now tip the scale at a total of 20,894 pounds.

Participation increased as well - 32 households on 11/28/15 increased to more than 4,164

EVERY SATURDAY - 9:30AM to 3:30PM - Food Scrap Drop Off / over 20,894 lbs diverted from landfill

Food scraps are composted into healthy soil enrichment and available for community projects. It is so simple, every Saturday from 9:30 to 3:30 residents can drop food scraps like vegetables, fruit, bread, rice, egg shells, coffee grinds, paper tea bags, flowers and plant leaves beyond their prime near the Wengerd Farmers market. No meat, oil or dairy please. Store in the freezer or under the counter in a sealed container and drop every Saturday. Paper bags can go right in, no plastic bags in compost please.

The NYC Compost Project hosted by Big Reuse composts our kitchen scraps to rebuild our soil neighborhood by neighborhood.

Last November, Roosevelt Island Girl Scout Troop Leader Aiesha Eleusizov showed us how how easy it is to drop off your food scraps to be recycled

at the Big Reuse Roosevelt Island Farmers Market Food Compost Drop Off.

It's easy, give it a try.


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