Monday, November 26, 2018

Roosevelt Island's First Stop N Swap Community Reuse And Recycle Event - iDig2 Learn, Grow NYC, Local Girl Scouts And Others Collect Over 4 Thousand Pounds Of Items To Be Shared Or Donated And Avoid Landfill

On Sunday afternoon, November 18th our local Roosevelt Island organization iDig2Learn welcomed partner GrowNYC for Roosevelt Island’s first Stop “N” Swap

Image From Christina Delfico

to reuse items no longer wanted by some, so others could use them. Roosevelt Island Girl Scout Troop 3233 announced the message of the Stop N Swap event as:


IDig2Learn founder Christina Delfico shares these photos and reports:
During the three hour event weigh stations were set up and 383 neighbors donated 4808 pounds of good quality items, 67% of which was taken back by the community the same day! After the event items went to partner charity Goodwill in search of new owners.

There is a real need for a community to have a way to exchange goods and keep them out of the landfill, especially on a small island. Partners and teamwork were the key to the GrowNYC Swap’s success, RIOC spread the word

and encouraged employees to donate, Jack McManus and PSD supported logistics, City Council Member Ben Kallos donated reusable orange bags for attendees,

Girl Scouts Troop 3233 created reuse

and recycling messaging

and welcomed everyone,

Gristedes donated food,

residents were excited to both declutter and do some free shopping, and the Manhattan Park Theater Club space

was ideal.

It was amazing to see flat screen TV’s, evening wear, brand new shoes, toaster ovens, books and toys find new homes. These sustainability events are kind to neighbors and kind to the Earth. Special thanks to Victoria Dearborn, Yazmine Mihojevich and GrowNYC volunteers, President and CEO Susan Rosenthal, Jessica Murray, Alonza Robertson of RIOC, Jack McManus and PSD officers, Brian Weisberg and Elaine Chin of Manhattan Park, Angel from Gristedes, City Council Member Ben Kallos and his team, Girl Scout leaders Aiesha Eleusizov and Susy del Campo Perea alongside Janine and Olivia Schaefer for helping make the Swap a success.”