Friday, April 10, 2020

What's On Your Coronavirus Music Playlist - Check Out Emergency Contact Music Video From Moose, A Roosevelt Island Resident

Roosevelt Island resident Chris "Moose" Rohifs captures the Coronavirus Pandemic times we live these days with the release of his new music video - Emergency Contact. According to Moose:

Add this one to your quarantine playlist! Roosevelt Island resident "Moose" releases funky medical-themed single and music video "Emergency Contact" about hope and providing support during difficult times.
Play the video, it's very good.

Moose adds his:
... fun and romantic pop sound, by turns danceable, silly, and heartfelt, is inspired by his relationship with his wife of 12 years. He started making pop tunes as Valentine’s Day presents for her, and it got out of hand. She's gonna get herself into real trouble one of these days to make sure he’s ready to deliver on all his promises from the songs. She gave him the pet name Moose, which is an upgrade from “Moo.” He figures a musician can be named “Seal,” so Moose should be okay....
Image From Music By Moose

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