Friday, July 10, 2009

Christmas & Thanksgiving Holidays Cause For Another Postponement of Roosevelt Island Tram Modernization - This Time Until March 2010

Roosevelt Island Manhattan Tram Station Rendering From RIOC

The approximately $25 Million Roosevelt Island Tram modernization project (including $15 Million from the NY State ESDC) was originally scheduled to begin with June 22 being the date the Tram was to go out of service. That date was postponed to July 6 in order to have the Tram available during the Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration viewing on Roosevelt Island (which never happened because the Fireworks were moved to the Hudson River this year) and that date was subsequently pushed back to just after Labor Day.

Roosevelt Island Tram Station Rendering From RIOC

The start of the Tram Modernization program and service outage has been postponed again - this time until March 1 ,2010 - at least partially due to the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season. RIOC President Steve Shane explains:
As published, the tram closure is now scheduled for March 1, 2010, to reopen in August, 2010. Specifically, the City was making it very difficult, near impossible, to arrange the necessary street closings for removing existing tower tops, demolition of Manhattan Station roof, removal of existing machinery, installation of new machinery and hoisting new tower tops. SOP for DOT is no street closings Thanksgiving through Christmas (year end) and with winter weather creating uncertainties in the scheduling, became very problematic to assure minimizing closure time. Hence, postponing until March 1.
Roosevelt Island Tram Cabin Design Image Provided By RIOC

If you have any of the 3D paper glasses available, take a virtual ride across the East River on the Roosevelt Island Tram with this You Tube Video shot in 3D.

You Tube Video of Roosevelt Island Tram in 3D

The same person who filmed this 3D video also shot a video of the recent PS/IS 217 Roosevelt Island reunion at Southpoint Park.