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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Outdoor Eating Returning To Roosevelt Island East River Waterfront Pier This Summer - RIOC Bringing In Food Trucks To Operate At Pier

Another welcome sign of spring and summer approaching with sunny skies, warmer weather and relaxing at the Roosevelt Island East River waterfront.

After completing the renovation of the West/Subway Pier, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) today put out some outdoor tables

and chairs

for staging purposes on the Pier


We're not quite ready for sitting down with a bite to eat at the Pier, but soon it will be ready.

During April 7 meeting of RIOC Operations Committee meeting (full audio web cast of meeting), RIOC President Charlene Indelicato reported that the Riverwalk Bar & Grill owners, who operated Pier NYC at the Subway/West Pier during summer of 2012, declined to operate the venue this summer. (The Pier was closed during 2013 due to damage from Hurricane Sandy).

Instead of Pier NYC, Ms Indelicato said that RIOC intends to bring in Food Trucks to operate in the area this summer and

 2012 Outdoor Restaurant At Pier And Main Street Food Trucks

that RIOC purchased the Pier NYC tables and chairs for $4,500 from the Riverwalk Bar & Grill owners.

Here is the discussion at April 7 RIOC Operations Advisory Committee meeting.

I'm looking forward to the return of the food trucks and eating at the Pier.

UPDATE 4/28 - RIOC has more information here for potential Operators of the Roosevelt Island Waterfront Pier Concession. There is a new RIOC administration in place that emphasizes its desire to work with potential Waterfront Operators to make a success of the Waterfront Pier Concession.


YetAnotherRIer said...

His stand is getting smaller and smaller.

YetAnotherRIer said...

Let's hope the new RIOC leadership will understand that the license fees need to be redone in order to attract food trucks.

YetAnotherRIer said...

I wonder if Frank is a bit embarrassed by having you on his side.

YetAnotherRIer said...

You cannot deny, though, that you have a hand in RIRA's dysfunctional behavior as of late.

CheshireKitty said...

LOL. Hey, they said that about Frank, too: Likening him to a Gollum-like Rage-generator figure! I think little Kitty is more like a succubus, though, albeit a nightmare- or vomit-inducing one.

No: I doubt if Frank dislikes having the proud feline on a diamond-studded leash. If it weren't for the Kitty, Frank probably would have been long gone off the CC.

YetAnotherRIer said...

I was more talking about your split-personality. Even cats don't have that to your extreme.

CheshireKitty said...

Politics make strange bed-fellows.

And, if you are familiar with the set of characters on the CC, is there anyone entirely "normal" on it?

I think Kitty doesn't in fact suffer from a split-personality disorder: Kitty has always stood by her friends, including Frank; at least, when the friends were kind to Kitty. Unkindness to the Kitty will result in a "cat fight," however.

CK's constancy is also proved by the fact that she's remained a staunch, even mystically devoted, Frank supporter on the blog at least since last summer: June 2013 was the last time Kitty momentarily slid back into her previous/nominal position toward Farance, when she cruelly "eviscerated" him on the blog in connection with a long ago wedding reception at Lighthouse Park.

Although the evisceration, addressed to the presumed pomposity of the affair, was fun insofar as it afforded an opportunity to humorously conjure up and satirize the scene, in retrospect, it was a nasty thing to do: Kitty shredding the memory of a friend's meaningful, perhaps quite cherished, event.

Many kitties enjoy "senselessly" shredding many different types of material. It isn't "senseless" for a cat to scratch/shred various things; they mark territory, maintain the sharpness of their claws, while also deriving exercise and enjoyment in the process.

Yet, Kitty did not take down the reception for any of the above typically feline reasons.

Unfortunately, idea of the event in the park had proved irresistible to Kitty. It was in fact too "easy" or obvious a target. The contradiction was too tempting to not attack.

Even if the contradiction was there, it wasn't a nice thing to do to a friend.

In addition to their tendency to shred, kitties, if they are rubbed the wrong way, may "bite the hand that feeds them." They are not turning on the human. Kitties are sensitive - even though the human thinks he's being nice to the kitty, the kitty is just trying to get the human to stop petting them. They may also nip at the human's ankles if the human doesn't open the can of cat food fast enough. Sometimes hunger makes them lose their cool.

CK later began a long private series of apologies/penance, including undertaking several edits of her admittedly inconsiderate comments about the reception.

Once the ferocity of the snark-ish attack was removed, the comments were rendered anodyne/toothless, maybe pointless. The reader of the comments might have wondered (1) What is the meaning of saying all these nice things about this long ago reception? Who cares? (2) Why is the Kitty posting nice comments on the blog about this reception? What is this all about?

"Moral" of the story: Think - like a human - before you shred - like a kitty!

There was a prior time when Frank and the Kitty would regularly go at it on the blog. It was fun, as Frank could always be counted on to reply with a good, sometimes devastating although always gentlemanly, comeback.

Frank in turn must have enjoyed heaping scorn on the Kitty in those days, such as the times he characterized the Kitty as a racist (though not a Nazi/Klan member).

Usually, in these "battles" of of the blog, the Kitty would eventually prevail - out of sheer persistence. What the Kitty may lack in brawn - maybe brains, she makes up in tenaciousness. It wasn't that Kitty and Frank were well-matched: Frank had met his match.

Thanks - maybe - for the "compliment!"

Not sure what succubi are supposed to actually look like though - a succubus with cat-like features sounds about right. I'm sure there are similar figures found in the mythology of many cultures, such as that of Japan.

Also, IRL, don't kitties sometimes jump onto owners' beds and curl up at their feet while their owners sleep? It isn't a leap to imagine a cat-like succubus -- well, let's not go there, as this is a family blog...

CheshireKitty said...

No, Mark, you have it all wrong. I have a choice in tuning in to Fox or MS-NBC or CNN, or picking up AMNY or the Voice. I don't have much of a choice other than to pick up the WIRE if it's deposited at my door.

The whole controversy would not have come up had Dick not decided to put his 2 cents in and offer some face-saving/commentary slant on Escobar's 2/27 statements.

Why was it Dick's business to get involved in CC affairs in the first place? The 3/5 CC Meeting played out fine. Had Dick not put out the "doxology"-like 3/8 WIRE, these issues, although long-simmering, would not have boiled over. Why can't Dick leave the CC alone to work out its own affairs?

CheshireKitty said...

LOL. What's contradictory about saying that picking up the WIRE should be a voluntary choice, rather than a practically mandatory action?

How would you like it if propaganda of the Democratic party were door-dropped in your building every two weeks - say a newsletter. You would get it whether or not you want to receive it, whether or not you subscribe to it, whether or not you are a registered Democrat. If you were a Republican, you might not like getting the newsletter. If you could not opt out, then what? Are your rights being violated?

CheshireKitty said...

I don't know if that's true. Frank doesn't run the CC Meetings or the organization. Escobar is actually a good President in that regard.

Under Polivy, meetings were not well-run. There were a number of additional problems. When some of us began to complain about them, the pro-Polivy people on the CC hatched a motion to remove Frank. That was their response to the criticism of Polivy. Everyone one the CC saw what was going on, and didn't go for the motion, which, either way, wasn't going to solve the problem. The problem wasn't Frank, it was Polivy. And so, finally, Polivy quit. Since then Escobar has proved to be an excellent President.

CheshireKitty said...

Frank tends to see things in terms of good and bad, moral and immoral, and so forth.

Yet things are not always so black and white.

Helen's motions were the correct absurd response to a surreal absurd situation - of being in an organization or social group that seems charmless. Since the situation was unreal or surreal, so was the response. Most didn't take the motions seriously. Call it gallows humor, or the sort of humor people used in dealing with life under communism in E. Europe. The rigorous ideological orthodoxy drove many to risk their lives to leave, with some ending up shot or dead of electrocution on the Wall.

On RI, if you don't agree with the prevailing orthodoxy, you're also denounced/destroyed in some way.

One way to avoid the problem is either non-involvement (turning to sports, entertainment, anything but politics) or sometimes, wry/humorous commentary, which is what the motions represented.

RIRA (almost) = WIRE = orthodoxy. The "protection" that's conferred upon RIRA/WIRE/orthodoxy doesn't extend to those not in the "charmed circle" i.e. RL and IH reps. You could observe this the other night as the meeting broke up and groups coalesced accordingly ("inner-city" i.e. Main St vs "suburbs" i.e. newer complexes at the periphery of "town"). There is no way RIRA is ever going to "thank" the people of Main St. The notion was patently absurd, a Pirandello-esque response to the absurdity of the divisions on the CC. The Main St people are always going to be picked on, censured, criticized, and so forth. Thanked? Dream on..

As far as the other motions are concerned, Rindler's privacy motion could be broken into components, and reworked/revisited.

The letter in support of WIRE distribution wasn't really necessary as the WIRE is currently being distributed so it seemed like overkill. However, Janet could have submitted it anyway; actually, it wasn't voted down or tabled. Janet chose not to submit it.

But the effect in the end was the same: All 4 motions Frank opposed were either not submitted, tabled or removed, as Frank wanted. Frank has the CC spinning.

Westviewer said...

Yes, yes, yes. The special Roosevelt Island fee needs to be eliminated altogether. Roosevelt Island, my friends at RIOC, is a neighborhood in NEW YORK CITY and the truck owners already pay the city for their permits. No other neighborhood charges extra and neither should this one.